PES 2013 Players Ratings in Manual Shoot e Passing

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by senhorxxx, 16 December 2015.

  1. senhorxxx

    senhorxxx Non-League

    17 October 2011
    I want to know if the ratings/attributes of the players (in pass and shots) influence the accuracy of passes and shots when the game setted with these options in the manual (zero pass assistance and manual shooting).

    PES 2013 Game.

    Sorry for my bad Inglês and already thanks for the help.
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  2. geeeeee

    geeeeee Console not PC! Mods & patches mean nothing to me!

    2 May 2010
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Hi, yes when i played this a few months ago i found that the stats make a big difference even on manual. For example players like Kranjcar and Barton at QPR scored a lot for me from long range but other players would shoot off target a lot.

    Hope that helps :)
  3. senhorxxx

    senhorxxx Non-League

    17 October 2011

    thank you.

    I have pes 2016 and fifa 16 but not enjoyed any of them.
    Although not perfect, the 2013 feet offers a more complete product that both, even in terms of simulation as I like to play.

    I just needed to know if the pass without AI assistance and with shot in manual option, if the attributes of the players (pass e shoot acuraccy obviously) were also relevant because it is important for the part of the simulation game.

    Because even with control on manual do not want than Munir shot for example be as accurate as the Messi.
    Despite having more control I need to feel the differences between the players so the game gets better simulated with real life.

    sorry my bad english, I hope it can be understood
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  4. geeeeee

    geeeeee Console not PC! Mods & patches mean nothing to me!

    2 May 2010
    Tottenham Hotspur
    That's ok. :))

    What are you playing on? PC, PS3, or XBOX?

    Have you tried PES2015? I'm actually enjoying it at the moment.

    Also, your English is fine :))
  5. senhorxxx

    senhorxxx Non-League

    17 October 2011

    The version of pes 2015 I jumped, until recently I was with two jobs with hard work and did not have time to play. Now I have more time, but tested the pes 2016 and did not like it, the problems that everyone already knows, although act good things in the game.

    I'll have a chance to weigh in PES 2015, thanks for the tip.

    I play on the PC, because one of my jobs was a computer company and I took it and I got a good machine for me (i7 4790, 16GB ram, gtx980). Always liked PC over consoles.
    I have a second, more modest PC (pentium dual core, 4gb ram, HD5770), run fine the PES.
    PES is very light.

    By the way, good that I have set up a legal machine for me, for I am from Brazil and my country is going bankrupt.
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