PES 2012 is decent, but noticed some bugs

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by priskinsprick, 21 September 2011.

  1. priskinsprick

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    4 August 2010
    The player switching can really let you down and this often leads to goals for the cpu. When you don't have the ball you shouldn't need to select a player in front of the ball. Unless he is really close to it.

    If you play a short pass from a goal kick, and pass back to the goalkeeper and bakc to the defender etc, after about 5 short passes both players freeze and the computer comes in and gets a free shot. This freezing has happened ingame a few times.

    After heading over as the half time whistle blew, the ball bounced off the crowd and pushed the net in from the back. The net stayed pushed all second half.

    The goalkeepers positioning is really off, goalkeepers should always guard their near post and offer the far post (as it is a harder shot), however - when presented with a chance ingame scoring at the near post is always more succesful.

    Computer always takes the same free kicks, aimed for the man in the box unless its close enough to shoot. It never takes short ones.

    I still think that the manual passing was better in the first demo.

    I hope the finished game lasts a year this time and not just a month (like 2011).

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