PES 2012 Assistance settings - WHY ???

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Bullstein, 16 October 2011.

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  1. Bullstein

    Bullstein Conference

    18 May 2011
    Why have Konami added this bollocks?

    They have gone 180 degree backwards from last years and have broken the damn game (which is OUTSTANDING if played with ALL assists OFF

    grrrrr,they finally get the online fixed then go and do this?

    I'm staggered tbh
  2. DarthKebab

    DarthKebab Fully Assisted Noob

    11 May 2008
    I wish there was just two settings, the way it used to be on the older games and full manual, feel they are spreading themselves too thin adding 4 layers of assistance and lost some individuality in the passing too.
  3. Damo7

    Damo7 Mersey Red Boy

    26 April 2005
    Liverpool FC
    Yes i agree. Its so frustrating!!!
  4. cr381veconcepts

    cr381veconcepts Non-League

    19 December 2010
    Yep, just don't finish the job properly, this is Konami's ethos. lol
    They just needed to test the game properly to realise this would be a problem. Multiplayer is supposed to be player vs player, why contaminate the whole experience by introducing a third party when it's absolutely unnecessary. Passing support on 0 (Zero) results in a mind blowing sensation. It is pure, player vs player, hardcore football. No training wheels, when you fall you get hurt, and if you succeed it is undoubtedly due to YOUR skill.
  5. dannyfc2

    dannyfc2 Premiership

    9 June 2009
    I don't share everyone's enthusiasm with the 0 passing assistance, wish they'd kept it the same as last year.

    It's power bar and direction are erratic to say the least, not to mention next to no relation to player's stats.

    Should have just made the default a bit freer and left it at that. At the moment there isn't any one setting I'm content with selecting. And that's without mentioning the higher settings which are an absolute insult to football....
  6. casperld

    casperld Premiership

    25 August 2008
    Manchester United
    The reason why is sales. They want average joe-schmo-who-would-usually-buy-fifa to be able to pick up and play. The criminally negligent thing they did is not giving the online option to Only play against "same" assisted opponents. Konami never do things right
  7. Bullstein

    Bullstein Conference

    18 May 2011
    Yeah that sums it up. It's about cash sales. They aren't at all interested in the players who followed the franchise for what it was - ie a football simulation game - NOT the arcade assist everything this has turned into

    I loved last years (apart from ropey online at times) because there was MORE freedom from Ai than pes 2010 and before

    Then this craziness?
    Last edited: 17 October 2011
  8. Pere Ubu

    Pere Ubu Championship

    29 October 2002
    I'd say player passing stats are only noticable on 0 assistance. Anything higher and everyone's Xavi. On 0 assistance you can actually feel a difference.

    But those people don't play PES and never will. And in chasing them, Konami have just pissed off the people who do play PES and always have.
  9. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    Gods County
    LUFC O.K.
    Looks like this thread has run its course, now decending into general PES2012
    discussiom and we already have a thread for that.
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