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Pes 2009 - Direct ip possible?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by hillfly, 20 October 2008.

  1. hillfly

    hillfly Championship

    18 August 2003
    Has anyone worked out away of playing Pes2009 via direct ip like they did for Pes 2008?

    I get so many issues with disconnects I can't stand it on Konami servers!
  2. Mamboto

    Mamboto What ?

    19 November 2007
    Sporting CP
    hi! I believe you will have to wait for Pes Magazine. :)
  3. hillfly

    hillfly Championship

    18 August 2003
    Can you explain why?
  4. gimpymoo

    gimpymoo League 2

    24 October 2007
    How many disconnects are you getting? To be honest, Ive not had a single one.

    Which server are you connecting to?
  5. jorg300

    jorg300 Non-League

    4 November 2007
    Well i guess he didn t buy the game and went for the torrent :RANT:
  6. issoisso

    issoisso Non-League

    9 May 2006
    Says who? I have the game and it keeps disconnecting. I've given up on online altogether...
  7. liverpoolarn

    liverpoolarn Non-League

    2 May 2006
    Yeah, I have that same problem... the longest I have played online is about 20 seconds... then disconnected!! :RANT:
    I can't believe that Konami don't let us play direct ip... I sure wouldn't mind connecting to their online lobby and then select "mode direct ip" or something. That way they could verify my cd-key and I wouldn't have to play through their crappy servers.

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