Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by KJK1LL3R, 13 April 2007.

  1. KJK1LL3R

    KJK1LL3R League 2

    1 April 2005
    Whats up with the PES6 patches? Why is there no super/ultimate patches like previous versions? All I see is a bunch of patches doing seperate things instead of one big super patch combining all these things together. Is this type of patch not possible for PES6?
  2. DarkCh1ld

    DarkCh1ld Non-League

    16 August 2003
    yup, I must agree that it took me more time than ever to get a good patched version...hopefully patches will still be around for the ps2 around 2007/2008 cause I would hate to see the ps2 ver die down :(
  3. TzvQ

    TzvQ Bulgarian Stallion

    16 March 2007
    Levski Sofia
    Search for (PS2)_Klurosu_MixPatch_v4!!!
  4. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    I tried that and it gave me a link to this exact thread. How about a helpful link to the thread instead? ;)
  5. SuperCrouch

    SuperCrouch Non-League

    24 March 2007
    Where can i get the patches for ps2? Like boots or footballs?

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