patch 1.04 for pes 2014

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by jasonevans, 20 November 2013.

  1. jasonevans

    jasonevans Non-League

    14 September 2006
    after install and download of the patch 1.04 for pc updates transfers etc to 2.0, I am now no longer able to match with anyone online, just says "unable to connect every game I attempt to play! only like this since the update, anyone got any ideas?
  2. ulygun

    ulygun Non-League

    22 November 2013
    I have the same problem, updated to 1.04 and data pack 2.0 just fine but when i go for ranking match online i get "unable to connect to other users"

    can someone help?
  3. pasht

    pasht Non-League

    23 November 2013
    I have exactly the same problem. Does anyone knows what is the problem and how to fix it?
  4. pasht

    pasht Non-League

    23 November 2013
  5. pasht

    pasht Non-League

    23 November 2013
    0 help from this forum.
  6. buonnguqua

    buonnguqua Non-League

    27 September 2007
    No-DVD of 1.04 is fake,
    exe file still of 1.01 so that you guy can't connect play online
  7. Simcut

    Simcut BF3 Addict

    1 September 2007
    Hertfordshire, England
    Newcastle & Barnet
    yeah, cause that's really going to make people want to help you.

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