Other league B teams in master league

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by thejza, 5 November 2008.

  1. thejza

    thejza Non-League

    21 August 2005
    Hi there, I have briefly looked over the forums the last couple of days & ive not really seen anyone ask this, but is it possible to play / use the teams from Other leagues B? they just dont seem to be avaliable, is there any way around this at all? pretty panyts if not, whats the point in making teams in those spaces if you cant use them in all modes??
  2. r1cky

    r1cky Banned

    21 October 2008
    Aston Villa
    edit the league setup and put them in?
  3. thejza

    thejza Non-League

    21 August 2005
    I just tried that and it still doesnt work, it will only let you change a team for the 5 default leagues & the other teams a. thats rather annoying!
  4. triplo

    triplo Non-League

    23 September 2007
    i need to know this too... someone can help us?
  5. mnchster

    mnchster Idiot.

    28 April 2007
    It's not available yet again this year, which is disappointing.

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