Online play: UDP port problem

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by RuiCosta, 5 November 2005.

  1. RuiCosta

    RuiCosta Non-League

    18 October 2003
    I just bought a network adapter, just to play PES5 online.

    Got it installed allright and network connection test is ok. But when I try to connect in PES I get an error, "Unable to transmit using UDP port 5731". I have tried everything, set my PS2 in DMZ and opened all ports on my DSL modem.
    I've tried Sony Support but no help, and Konami has no support here in Norway.
    Anyone here have a solution to the problem?

    *Fifa2004 works online, to bad that is unplayable ;)
  2. Shooto

    Shooto Champions League

    16 April 2002
    Do u have a firewall running?

    If so you need to set pes.exe with full access.

    If u are running Zone alarm, you need to set the Internet access to medium.

    That worked for me.

  3. RuiCosta

    RuiCosta Non-League

    18 October 2003
    nope, no firewall. It is the PS2 and it is outside my router firewall.

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