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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by robbo101, 22 August 2005.

  1. robbo101

    robbo101 Guest

    Just wondering if PES5 has been confirmed for online for Australia. Im pretty sure it is but alot of games that are online everywhere else the online part gets taken out for us aussies, Fight night for example. Prolly just cos of ea, wankers.
    Please god tell me its online down here aswell
  2. milosh

    milosh Non-League

    28 August 2003
    Yes Mate, I can assure you that it is online for us as well. We get whatever Europe gets, since it is "the same market", i.e. PAL. Both versions (Xbox and PS2) are online playable.

    I'll play you anytime when it comes out! How's that? :)

  3. robbo101

    robbo101 Guest

    Oh thank god for that,
    Give me a week of solid play and I'll be online for sure,
    Gonna have to dust of the ol network adaptor now.....
    Im giving up PES4 from now till PES5 comes out, To enhance the experience :)

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