No Anti-aliasing...WTF!!!!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Dukelord, 29 October 2007.

  1. Dukelord

    Dukelord Banned

    6 February 2007
    Seriously, this f**king game is in need of a 1GB patch....even at high resolutions, the edge of the player models looks bizarre....that and a million other problems....Seabass can kiss my crack
  2. Blue4life

    Blue4life Banned

    23 December 2006
    The Mighty Everton f.c.
    Another happy ripped off customer!!!
  3. Houldey

    Houldey League 1

    11 July 2006
    You can force NVIDIA cards to perform AA can't you? That's what i'm hoping when I get my upgraded card, anyway.
  4. zim_zimmer

    zim_zimmer Conference

    11 August 2004
    Yeah you can force NVidia cards to perform AA and AF and VSync, etc... Still don't mean your FPS problem will be solved though as I'm finding out!
  5. MattsterMH

    MattsterMH Non-League

    14 August 2007
    Yeah, you can, but with my 8800gts i can't really notice a difference.
  6. Schmari

    Schmari League 2

    16 February 2006
    AF works perfect.
    But there is definitely no AA.
  7. bsmaff

    bsmaff International

    11 August 2003
    Welwyn Garden
    Exeter City
    I have my AA on 16x when playing pes and and it dosnt effect my frame rate at all get a constant 60fps playing at 1600x1200.

    But to enable AA all you have to do is go into the Nvidia or ATI control panel and manually select the settings otherwise it will use the default settings.
    But your right the settings should have AA in there, but we all know Konami are a bunch of lazy people who do really give a shit.
    Last edited: 29 October 2007

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