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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by jason_y, 20 May 2009.

  1. jason_y

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    19 January 2008
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    I copied from here(

    Hi there,

    I'm Toru Nagai, art director on PES Productions for the last three years and I'll be producing a regular blog from inside the team. I've included a picture of me using the edit mode. Enjoy!

    Right now we're trying to reproduce different lighting effects according to the general environmental conditions. To begin with we worked on improvements for the Daytime/Fine environment. Complex effects such as the way colours from the sky and grass reflect on players will make the matches look and feel much more realistic. At the moment our focus is on improvements to the texture of players' skin so that it looks much more natural.

    Beside all that we're also spending a lot of time improving shadow effects. This is having a much greater effect than we first imagined on enhancing the realism of the game. Everything, particularly the players is looking much more life-like. As a result of what we're achieving I think the whole team is really getting motivated. You can see what I mean from the screenshot we just released.

    Getting a little more technical now, since PES2009 we have also remade the 'colour correct filter'. Our producer Mr. Hatsumi complained when I started to remove the last filter, but I strongly believe the new one is much nicer and more powerful :-)
    Using this new colour correct filter, we will be able to reproduce more subtle colours and atmospheres than before. For example in some stadiums I'd like to take a more adventurous approach with colours and experiment with metal effects.

    Many more improvements and enhancements will follow - so keep checking back to my blog.
  2. Negatrev

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    19 September 2003
    I may be the only one here, but graphics improvements is pretty much the least important thing for me.
    Except 16:10 support I suppose.
  3. pepper63

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    19 May 2005
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    Only One Man Utd.
  4. samos1234

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    1 August 2003
    Agree with you negatrev about graphics, it's the engine who need to be better (like seabasse said fifa have a better one) and agree with the 16/10 option missing (too bad juce don't make it for 1.40 patch)
  5. Jazek

    Jazek League 2

    15 September 2005
    Who bloody cares? All I want to hear about is gameplay improvements and hopefully, a massive overhaul of the ML.

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