Mystery Trialist

Discussion in 'Football' started by gib2504, 28 July 2006.

  1. gib2504

    gib2504 R.I.P Jarque

    17 December 2005
    Leeds, formally Glasgow
    Celtic, Lille
    Southampton played Cheltenham tonight and in their lineup they had an unnamed Mystery Trialist.

    George Burley said he didn't want to name him, so not to alert other clubs

    Does anyone know who this guy is, he managed to score aswell.

    It also got me thinking has anybody elses club ever featured a Mystery Trialist, did he turn out good or bad, did he become a superstar we all know now.

    Quite interested to find out
  2. Parkin09

    Parkin09 No...I AM SPARTACUS

    7 March 2004
    Portsmouth had a trialist known only as Berlin even the other players didnt know his name
  3. Valmir

    Valmir Quality, not quantity

    30 October 2005
    Reading, England

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