My PS2 Broke...considering replacing it with a 360...

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by Three1Six, 7 August 2007.

  1. Three1Six

    Three1Six Non-League

    12 March 2003
    OK guys, my PS2 just crapped out on me, and I've already gone 1 week without Winning Eleven so it's time to replace it. My question is:

    do I replace it with a new PS2 -

    or do I upgrade and get the 360?

    Here are my main concerns:

    1) I have always played the japanese versions (winning eleven) as opposed to the North American/European versions of PES - is there any difference in gameplay between the japanese WE and the N.A/European PES or are they all exactly the same? (the one i've been playing is WE10) - what I've heard is that the north american one is a little more "arcadey" - is there any truth to this?

    2) The controller of the XBox - does it lend well to the game? Like I said, I've only ever played it on Sony consoles so things like... the R2 button which I use all the time on the PS2 - where is that mapped to on the XBox (I've not played the 360 at all so I don't know the controller...) - and I use the DPad - is it awkward to hold the controller where the d-pad is located for the 360?

    3) Patches/Option files - I like to download patches and option files as we all do on this community - but does that work on the 360??

    4)PES2008 - is there any benefits or playing it on a ps3 over a 360? Is it still being released on the ps2 or are they finished with the ps2 now?

    I'll add more questions as I think...with the price drop of the 360 coming very soon, I'm highly considering it - just wanna make sure my beloved WE works fine on it.
  2. bonjovifan

    bonjovifan League 2

    16 October 2005
    Maidstone United
    1) The games do feel a bit different, I often prefer the feel of the Japanese games but I quickly get into the Pro Evo version once it's released, I guess 'more arcadey' is a good way to describe the difference in gameplay.

    2) I much prefer the Xbox pad, it's more comfortable and feels a lot more solid, R2 is mapped to the exact same play it is on a Dual Shock pad, and you can change the configuration should you want to. The D-Pad isn't that great though I'm afraid and since analogue is the main focus it's in more a secondary position than the Dual Shock which is much more aimed at the D-Pad than analogue stick.

    3) Getting any save games from you PC to Xbox can be tricky and requires products such as Datel's HDD transfer kit, as far as I know no one made a 360 option file for PES6 since there was no edit mode anyway.

    4) PES7/2008 is coming out on PS2 but I doubt we'll see most of the new features from the 360/PS3 versions.

    To be honest, if you are gonna play a lot of games 360 is all round the best option right now, but if you mainly play PES than PS3 may be the choice for you, tranfering option files will be simple and the Six Axis is basically the Dual Shock pad anyway. Not to mention PS3 games are ALL (so far) region free so you can import WE, whilst I believe Konami region lock WE on 360 (though it could be different for the next WE).
  3. Three1Six

    Three1Six Non-League

    12 March 2003
    Have you played the Xbox version AND the PS2? I wish I could figure a way to test out the Xbox version before I plump my money down. Not being able to import from Japan sucks - and also, no patching sucks.

    Any idea if the edit mode will be on the 360 for 2008 (sorry for newbiness... for the last 5 years I just get the latest WE from Japan and play that until the next one comes out... my PS2 breaking on my has screwed me all up!!)
  4. Carl

    Carl Ban Master Staff

    27 December 2001
    West Ham United FC
    Drop moolah on an import PS2 lad then, if all you play is WE. They aint expensive, plus you can still play your WE collection. I love my XB360, but last years PES was uber shite.

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