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MLO bargain buys thread

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by bramley, 17 October 2011.

  1. bramley

    bramley League 2

    20 October 2007
    any gems out there

    getting raped with superstar teams

    and i assume if you really like a player and can afford to do it a 50 game contract works out cheaper then renewing it every ten games?
  2. dannythefrogs

    dannythefrogs Non-League

    12 October 2011
    Well its hard to say at this stage as I've only played like 50 games or something. I do feel your pain though, I've played against teams who have a value of 250 million, and one of them had only played 200 games. How is that possible? They must be cheating somehow???

    I'd say Its vital to get 2-3 decent players in attack, that way you can cause most teams problems.

    The players I got are as follows;

    M.Diouff - Striker (Quick, good dribbling, scores goals) 26 in 35 games. Price around 1.2 million (before wages)

    Birsa - Att Midfield (Can win headers, good dribbling speed, decent passing, can score from distance)
    Price around 1.2 million (before wages)

    E. Frimpong - Def Midfield (Decent on the ball, ok passing, seems strong) Although he's got no stats he seems to be a decent player and has chipped in with some big goals!
    Price around 700K (before wages)

    Danny Rose - Left Midfield (Quick, good dribbling, good crossing)
    Price around 1 million (before wages)

    I also recently bought Milan Baros to go up front and he has been very good, getting about 10 goals in 10 games.
    But he was more expensive, like 2.2+ million . . .

    I'd recommended any of the guys I've bought . . .but you can probably get someone better than Baros for the price. I just went for him as a random one . . .he's been good though!

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