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Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Coopz, 24 December 2012.

  1. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    Have a great festive period and grand old new year people :))
  2. The_Special_One

    The_Special_One I like Unicorns

    17 August 2007
    Estoril | Knicks
    Ho ho ho Merry Christmas you all and happy new year! [​IMG]
  3. Jamezinho

    Jamezinho Golden Boot Winner

    10 June 2003
    Ipswich, England
    Ipswich Town F.C.
    Happy Christmas lads, have a good one.
  4. lol7777

    lol7777 League 2

    26 September 2012
    Merry Christmas :))
  5. Shooto

    Shooto Champions League

    16 April 2002
    Merry Christmas my fellow Evo webbers.
  6. Carl

    Carl Ban Master Staff

    27 December 2001
    West Ham United FC
    Merry Christmas to all the evo-webbers out there!
  7. gerd

    gerd Retired Footballer

    8 January 2002
    Over the moon
    KRC Genk, Spurs
    Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2013...
  8. jackarmy

    jackarmy SWIM AWAY!!!!!!

    4 November 2011
    Pretty shitty city
    Swansea City AFC
    Nadolig llawen i pawb / Merry christmas everyone :)
  9. TheTud

    TheTud League 1

    5 January 2009
  10. S-NipE

    S-NipE World Cup Winner

    17 May 2008
    German NT
    Rich kid's problems...

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Germany to all users from around your globe and your families and friends! :BYE:
  11. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    Merry Xmas to all!

  12. Sabatasso

    Sabatasso Banned

    26 August 2009
    South of Heaven
    Tottenham Hotspur
  13. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    Happy New Year, all the best for 2013


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