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  1. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    First off, this took me a while to figure out. I've played countless amount of games and sometimes things will go right sometimes it won't. My sole purpose is to show that we can do something about 'unfinished' products concerning gameplay - instead of constantly making complaints over and over. Some values of course cannot be altered due to the fact of Konami's gameplay engine being hardcoded.

    This was the best I can do and I hope you all give it a try, it's an enjoyable game for me now.

    Please give myself credit if you plan on distributing your files; thank you.

    Suggested STAR LEVEL:

    * * * - Three Stars. 15-20mins

    Why? The game, with my values, has slowed down and has been enjoyable. On the higher level stars - the game picks up again with the utmost unrealistic approach in matters of defensive aggression by the AI. I understand if they're losing by a goal with 2 minutes remaining in the game, but to have to be bombarded like that through an entire MATCH is unexcusable.

    Now if this hurts your pride as avid PES5-aholics then I apologize, but if you want realistic gampelay - you have to step down your level. Personally I've played 5-6 stars my whole life, but the defensive aggression is too frustrating at those levels. Please take my advice and go with 3 stars - Some games will be easy, some games will be a challenge - it all depends who you use.

    The Option file is at the bottom; here are the values per/position that I have re_rated followed by an explanation.


    POS - VALUE = (+/- or = ) - EXPLANATION

    GK - JUMP = (-20) - I'm not sure why this was implemented, I think it was a combo to get keepers to be less dynamic in the air, but also have the possibility to mess up a catch.


    DF - ACCELERATION = (-20) - Lets attackers speed through on breakaways, and eventually get caught - but not in the unrealistic manner.

    TOP SPEED = (-15) - Slows the speed of the game all together combined with the other values for other positions.

    HEADER = (= 10) - They win alot of head balls, almost too many - it's hard to score this way so by decreasing or setting the value to 10 I've seen more realistic chances. The ball can get caught up by two heads clashing leaving the ball for a rebound or something. Very exciting when the ball gets in the box, as it should be.

    JUMP = (= 10) - Another value that will help the attacking game, but also provide a random/realstic chance. Supports the Header value re-rate well.

    AGGRESSION = (= 10) - At default I think defensive aggression is too overbearing, it's just too much, too many gaps open-too easy. Also this value and the next one is the KEY to getting Master League and League simmed scores above 1-0,1-1 to 5-0, 2-5; etc.

    DEFENSE = (= 10) - Similar to aggression for the simmed results. Don't think the game will be easier now that the value of defense has decreased, it's as if it never went away. The values that are left alone or to be edited for all positions later are what makes up the flow of the game.


    MF/FW - ACCELERATION = (-10) - Slows the game speed down a bit but still lets midfielders to burst through the defense in a realistic manner.

    TOP SPEED = (-7) - Didn't want to decrease too much, unlike defenders, but it also helps slow down the game.

    AGGERESSION = ( =10) - Same reason as defenders.

    DEFENSE = ( =10) - Same.

    BALANCE = ( = 99) - This was an attempt to reduce the amount of fouls, its helped a little - players don't fall down as much, but enough to warrant some cards here and there. I did this for the MF/FW only because they get fouled the most in all the games I've experienced.


    VALUE = (+/- or = ) - EXPLANATION[/I]

    TEAMWORK = (-20) - This was in hopes of seeing less of the useless through ball the AI always seems to go for - which 8/10 it would be intercepted. After doing so I've seen less of the linear attack which has plagued this year's version to the core.

    TECHNIQUE = (-20) - Also to prevent linear attacks straight down the middle. It's a nice touch because the players pass the ball in ever single direction more than just forwards all the time. I've seen plenty of high balls switching the point of attack.

    LONG PASS SPEED = (-30) - By doing this it's prevented the AI deciding to try those long balls (Beckham-like) through the defense. Also it slows the game down a bit more and the ball still travels at a decent speed in the air.

    SHORT PASS SPEED = (-30) - Slows the game down to an enjoyable pace. It makes you really think about who and where you want to pass the ball, I really enjoyed having to actually pay attention instead of just trying to slot balls easily through.

    RESPONSE = (-30) - Will lower GKs as well, which is good.I felt some Keepers would react too quickly to the close range shots appearing to be "superman" so now they react slower, but their body moves quicker; I've seen some pretty fantastic saves. Also it slows the game down a bit more so the AI isn't "automatic" with their somewhat perfect through passes - and even if it is perfect, chances are slim to catch up with the ball depending on other variables.

    MENTALITY = ( =10) - Still a value I'm tinkering with. I'm not sure how it affects the gameplay, but I believe it's made somewhat of a difference on how players attack and defend. Sometimes I will see a very aggressive attack or aggressive defense. Other times I wil see a mellow, contained approach to the game - its good to know (or not know) that the next game I play will hold different outcomes and approaches.

    DRIBBLE SPEED = (-7) - Slows the game down, depending on their agility value, players won't turn as quickly and "arcadey".

    SHOT POWER = (-7) - Gives the newly reduced responsed keepers a chance to save some bullets, but not all the time. Also helps in the unrealistic long distance scoring.

    SHOT TECHNIQUE = (+17) - The only value I have included a plus-sign. I like to see all sorts of types of ways to score, and thats merely what this value enhances.

    ATTACK = ( = 10) - Just another value I've been messing with, it seems to prevent linear attacks and prevent constant forward attacks through out the game.


    Option File:

    This option file was altered by myself, but the Author of the original version was the PESFan one a while ago. The reason I included the values above is so that those of you who do not wish to use this out-dated option file can implement my re_ratings into the newer ones - which I plan on doing sometime soon. If you're too lazy, can't be bothered, etc - here is mine.

    HAWKS (With Re_Rates Implemented) Option File - Based on Superpatch 2.0


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  2. PetrovLFC

    PetrovLFC Raul!

    13 March 2005
    NW London
    Interesting will try it out, but i think you've gone a bit ott. Never-the-less, its interesting to see people try and tailor the game to their needs in an attempt to change the gameplay :)

    keep it up
  3. stuartyd

    stuartyd Premiership

    11 October 2004
    yeah this sounds interesting, only thing is, i mostly play online and i think im right in saying that i couldn't use this online?
  4. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    thx. I released a patch for the Pes4/we8 series last year as well with great results. Tell me what you think - there will be an update later today.

    well someone else has to have the same option file to play online of course and same .afs files I think. I haven't thought about using this to play online - I mainly play against CPU and thats what the re_rate's aim was to do.

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  5. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    Bit of a waste of time. No amount of stat editing will save this scripted crap.

    Trust me, I've spent time experimenting with the stats and what I've come to realise is that the core game engine overrides all AI stats. Any stat manipulation you do affects only the human controlled team.
  6. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    Not wasted time. If you would try the file and see the results, following my recommended settings - you will see the difference. Try the file before you post next time please. thanks.
  7. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    I did try the file. And I notice the the human controlled team only. As such, I refer you to my previous response, which retains it's 100% accuracy.
  8. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    Okay, I guess the new ML simmed scores and League scores rather than the constant 1-1, 1-0 aren't because of the changes. Also the attacking style of the CPU isn't as linear anymore either.

    But to each its own - I see it, others on SG see it - I just don't appreciate it being called a waste of time - 'nough said. I apologize if I sounded crass, but you can see my POV.

  9. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    No offence intended mate.

    It's just I did quite a bit of playing around with stats and what I came to realise is that when the situation in a match requires it, the cpu players stats get completely over-ridden by the game engine.

    I've tried playing agaisnt cpu teams with every stat set to 1, and sure, they don't play too hot. But if the cpu team is losing, the game engine just ignores these stats and boosts the cpu team to play as if every stat was 99, playing perfect, high speed, long range passing, amazing dribbling, etc.

    I appreciate you must have put in some time and effort, as did I, but I just got p*ssed off with it in the end when I realised how the game is scripted.

    What the game really needs if for someone to hack into the code and find out how to change the variables which cause this overcooked cpu boost which was an attempt to create false excitement in every single match. A nice idea by Konami, but completely overdone.

    At it's best, the game is superb, but at it's worst, it's utter garbage. No amount of stat editing can stop the garbage bits from wrecking it.
  10. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    None taken, I was just a little frustrated - I appreciate the explanation now, Winston.

    Winston I agree with the game engine coming out of no where to 'cheat' for the CPU. I see that alot on the higher stars, hence the switch to 3 stars - I do not see it near as much as on the higher stars, and the games have improved alot more.

    I'm going to record some matches on 3stars with the settings and analyze it from there.


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