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Master League issue

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Shockin' The Prem, 18 December 2006.

  1. Shockin' The Prem

    Shockin' The Prem Shockin' The Prem

    5 August 2004
    I'm now 4 seasons in on my league, I was really enjoying it until the most recent transfer period.

    For some weird reason a load of 'legends' have leaked their way into the league. Man U now have Cryuff and Gullit upfront with Banks in goal, Chelsea have Klinsmann upfront and a load of other classics are in other teams.

    This has made it completely unrealistic to the extent I'm no longer enjoying playing it, Gullit seems to score on every touch of the ball, and can outrun anyone on my team. Pretty good considering how old he is, eh?

    Is there any way of sorting out yet another farce from Konami?

    It's PES6 on PS2, by the way.
    Last edited: 18 December 2006
  2. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    Go to general settings (where you can choose the ball) and turn off Classic Players/PES SHop players.

    ALthough i'm not sure what will happen AFTER they have appeared (and not before)
  3. Shockin' The Prem

    Shockin' The Prem Shockin' The Prem

    5 August 2004
    I guess that's the only way about it, guess I'll just have to create a new league without them.

    Bit of a shame though as I like to buy people like Adu and Denilson that aren't actually about 60 irl that are '17' on the game. Ruins it a bit for me.

    But oh well, wouldn't expect anything less from CONami.
  4. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    I knew this was going to happen so what i did was not unlocking any classic team and any past players, only unlock the contemporary ones in the Pes shop

    There's a way to go around it you know :)

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