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Master League Day 17 question

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Dukelord, 9 November 2007.

  1. Dukelord

    Dukelord Banned

    6 February 2007
    I heard that day 17 in master league, English language has a bug....Can someone who has experienced it pls tell me what the bug is and how I can avoid it. I'm currently about to play day 16, but I need answers before I progress....Thanks
  2. puppy

    puppy Non-League

    31 July 2007
    played the first season but don't have discovered any bug on day 17.:roll:
  3. Pompeybear

    Pompeybear Non-League

    27 October 2006
    I heard it was in italian language only, I could be wrong. I have just past day 17 , no dramas.
  4. Dukelord

    Dukelord Banned

    6 February 2007
    I heard that it happened in English language and the only way to solve it was to change in-game text to Italian.....I'm so confused, but Im gonna forge on right ahead, I just hope I don't get any bulls*it
  5. bleki2006

    bleki2006 Non-League

    13 November 2006
    it happenned to me..
    during the match, game crashed and I had to start again and again for several times..
    finally I managed to finished the game..
  6. GreenFan

    GreenFan Better dead than red...

    4 December 2004
    Panathinaikos F.C.
    No problem for me in my Master League....
  7. mnchster

    mnchster Idiot.

    28 April 2007
    Nope. No problems.
  8. YoungGun_UK

    YoungGun_UK 20 TIMES!

    12 July 2007
    Manchester United
    it may be a non original copies that it happens to
  9. McLeo

    McLeo Conference

    24 October 2007
    No guys, this is a problem of Italian version of PES 2008, only Italian :D

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