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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by NakamuraTheTim, 2 March 2006.

  1. I've ran into a bit of a problem guys and some help would be much appreciated. :)

    I have just recentley applied the xgroup patch and the game was running great but I went to play it tonight and i keep getting a dirty disc error. I repatched the game and it still didnt work so i deleted everything and put in the kpatch version including different default.xbe. This didnt help as I was still getting the same error....just before the intro video loads.

    I can't seem to fix this problem no matter what version i use. :(

    Anyone any ideas?

    Cheers guys. :)
  2. tom10

    tom10 League 2

    26 December 2004
    I've also had that problem, but in my case the solution was simple, I had missed out the 0_sound file.. lol...

    That means of course see if you have all of these files on your box first, 0_text, 0_sound, x_sound (your lang.sound file, mine is e_sound), x_text (your lang.text file, mine is e_text), over.afs, default.xbe, updatexxxxx.xbe and pes5n.xmv/pes5p.xmv.

    If it's not any missing files im not sure what the problem is, maybe a damaged default.xbe??
  3. I checked and all the files are there apart from the update.xbe one but i've never had that on my hard drive anyway.

    I thought it might be a damaged default.xbe as well mate but both patches use different a default.xbe and they are giving me the same error.....could be an unfortunate coincidence I

    Cheers for the help mate.
  4. Finally, I've solved it. The problem was with the intro video...well it was more to do with my video settings on my xbox. I had my video settings at PAL 60 so I changed it and now its working fine. :D

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