Looking for day/night patch

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by RadiantB, 22 August 2006.

  1. RadiantB

    RadiantB Guest

    For some reason, PES runs much faster when a match is played at night. :s
    That's why I'm looking for a patch/hack/... that eithers allows me to change it in-game (master league mode) or alter the dat file.
    I've searched the forum, but I couldn't anything useful.
    I haven't got any patch installed at the moment.

    cheers !

    *instant email notification*
  2. Mat250000

    Mat250000 League 1

    28 November 2005
    How about using lodmixer?
  3. Damo7

    Damo7 Mersey Red Boy

    26 April 2005
    Liverpool FC
    Use Lodmixer m8
  4. RadiantB

    RadiantB Guest

    Thanks for the quick reply !! I'll go and install Superpatch/lodmixer right away.^^

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