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  1. probono1984

    probono1984 Non-League

    8 January 2009
    Hi I'm Japanese, and sorry for my English.

    I'm wondering the high cross from behind problem some guy mentioned in post #1337 is mitigated (well kind of)in the final version.
    I haven't bought pes2012 because it can be different than even the final demo version.:SHOCK:

    I think long passes from behind rarely result in goals but definitely should lead to some opportunities sometimes, rather than stupid offsides ALL THE TIME.
    Also, even the patched pes2011's AI are pathetic when they feed long balls to the strikers. Almost always fall short and end up in the mid field. Really annoying...

    How is the full product in that aspect?
  2. ccfc4prem

    ccfc4prem Non-League

    13 July 2007
    If Im honest, lofted balls are far too overpowered and once you get a speedy striker onto it (which happens most of the time) then its goal. I find it quite difficult to defend against it sometimes.

    In regards to that video, i did something similar (not lofted ball but high cross as you mention) knocked it down with Dzeko and scored with Aguero, it can work brilliantly with a target man...

    I know J. Murphy stated demo is the same code as final build, but i doubt that, as it seems quite a bit different. (better imo)
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  3. probono1984

    probono1984 Non-League

    8 January 2009
    Thanks mate:COOL: good to know.

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