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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by tinpanalley, 21 August 2006.

  1. tinpanalley

    tinpanalley League 1

    15 May 2006
    Maybe this has been answered before but I can't seem to find an answer or solution to my two questions.

    1. Is there any way to set the League Seasons so that they will follow the same schedule as in real life?

    2. What do you have to do so that in the World Cup Round of 16, the right teams end up paired against each other? I mean, so that A1 plays B2 and B1 plays A2 and so on? Every time I set up a World Cup the pairings are all off: A1 vs. E2, E1 vs. G2, etc.

    Can anyone help me understand these two things? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

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