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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Damo7, 30 October 2006.

  1. Damo7

    Damo7 Mersey Red Boy

    26 April 2005
    Liverpool FC
    Hi guys,

    I no everyone is frustrated at the way the servers have been for online gaming. Well i found this telephone number for Konami and they have had thousands of complaints so far worldwide. I was told would you beleive, they never expected such a volume of players...........WHAT!!!! Well i dont work for them and even I knew that it would be busy. Anyway if you want to vent your anger then call this number.

    General - Official Konami Complaints Number

    0208 987 5730

    Good luck :(
  2. jimdove

    jimdove Non-League

    27 November 2005
    would this explain why i ONLY get "an error has occured during verification" when i try to get online with the pc version?
  3. spoon71

    spoon71 been there done that

    10 November 2003

    no man. it means that you're putting your cd key or password wrong.
    i assume that you've already registred on konami's page (choosing REGISTER on cd-autoplay menu).
    try putting your cd key in caps.
    try putting your password in caps! (you might have write your password in caps when you've been registring, since you've propably had pressed caps lock when putting cd key)

    if these doesn't work go to register page and try to change your password.

    if still nothing, ask konami or wait for someone to solve your problem..

    cheers & goodluck
    Last edited: 30 October 2006
  4. Damo7

    Damo7 Mersey Red Boy

    26 April 2005
    Liverpool FC
    has anybody else called them?

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