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kaka and c.ronaldo satas----------------

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by slber, 28 April 2007.

  1. slber

    slber Non-League

    17 March 2007
    :triangle: I think that C.ronaldo and kaka are underrrated on pes6.. can you guys post your updadetd stats..
  2. coods

    coods Non-League

    25 March 2007
    i made kakas attack 89 and ronaldos 87....the highest for a winger should be 85 but hes proved hes more than a winger so 87 is good..hey does anyone have any player stsats or faces for pro 7
  3. slber

    slber Non-League

    17 March 2007
    i improved the following things; CRonaldo- attack-89;dribble-97;shot accuracy-81;short pass-81;long pass;82;balance-84;weak foot accuracy-8...Give your opinion..
  4. EPG

    EPG League 1

    3 November 2006
    C.Ronaldo should have his stats above 90 :P jk

    attack 90, agility 93, drible 98, speed drible 98

    thats his best points, no one has a better or a faster drible then c.ronaldo.
  5. slber

    slber Non-League

    17 March 2007
    probably kaka...heś too fast too..i looking forward too see kaka, CRonaldo, messi and quaresma stats on pes7!!
  6. ooh_harry

    ooh_harry League 1

    8 July 2005
    Fosters home for imaginary friends
    Arsenal, Juventus
    looking at it relatively, i wouldnt change kaka stats at all....he is so immense in the game. In regards to Ronaldo, I have only increased his attack to 87 and dribbling acc + speed to 99 and given him a middle shooting star.

    but tbh, i feel that the only stat changes warranted are for the 'grafters' such as fabregas, clichy, agger, evra, vidic etc. These players have shown their importance for their respective teams and all they get are crap stats

    hopefully, konami will realise this and stop overrating the usuals (cannavaro, valdez etc)
  7. jonestm

    jonestm Guest

    People should be aware that C.Ronaldo doesn't have a star for side player!

  8. Smokes

    Smokes Conference

    22 May 2006
    Try setting Ronaldo's Dribble speed to 98, dribble acc 99.
    As for agility set it in the orange zone, red would have him whizzing around like how Garrincha and George Best used to. He's not there yet but his shot power could do with a boost.

    Kaka his shooting acc, shooting power, shooting tech and mentality should be all raised.
  9. J-vader

    J-vader Guest

    does anybody know what ronaldo looks like on pro7? or are we all having a guess?
  10. jonestm

    jonestm Guest

    Like sex.
    I hope he rips his top off revealing his chiseled torso after scoring an important goal.
  11. slber

    slber Non-League

    17 March 2007
    c ronaldo drible to 99..dont think so.. i would give the lad 97 on drible accuracy and 97 on drible speed. i would also give him 81 on shoot accuracy,88 on attack, 80 on short pass,82 on long pass and 94 on thecnique..

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