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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Yai, 4 August 2005.

  1. Yai

    Yai Conference

    5 May 2003
    Hey guys!

    ich have little problem. my RGB cable is broken. of course i already ordered a new one, but till that time the game is black and white. i wasn't able to play one match with color yet. does anybody know if there is a patch available which can fix that problem?

    it would f...in awesome if someone could help!

  2. ibu2003

    ibu2003 Competition Killer

    2 August 2003
    Newcastle United
    nope its just the crap standard leads u have... no way to get round it. until ur RGB comes through sorry mate.
  3. Yai

    Yai Conference

    5 May 2003
    that sucks, but thanks anyways!
  4. TrebuTa

    TrebuTa League 2

    8 April 2004
    My Philips TV can play the game without any special fix/cable.
  5. chriswilliams

    chriswilliams Often Partizan!

    2 October 2004
    Birmingham City
    Is there any way i can play WE9 on my UK Pal ps2?
  6. Harregarre

    Harregarre Conference

    16 July 2005
    You could use a Harddisk in combination with HDADvance or HDLoader, these are basically the same but HDLoader is not being sold anymore.
    Other way is to use Swapdisk things but I heard there was some trouble with the swapdisk thing. Anyway I use a HD and it works Okay.
  7. chriswilliams

    chriswilliams Often Partizan!

    2 October 2004
    Birmingham City
    Where can i can i get a swapdisk?
  8. joshkinny

    joshkinny Guest

    u can play ur winnig eleven in colour on many televisons without a rgb cable ..if uve got a bigger televison in say ur living room try it on that telli i had the same problem an tryed it on my phillips telivison in my living room an it worked fine....other wise u gotto wait for ur rgb cable an if dat don work iam afraid ur colour blind lol
  9. luke909

    luke909 League 2

    17 August 2004
    just play as newcastle or juventus
  10. renegade1488

    renegade1488 Non-League

    28 August 2003
  11. BK_83

    BK_83 World Class

    7 June 2003
    or BLACKburn

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