Is There any way of getting the new balls through option files?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Mike870231, 28 October 2006.

  1. Mike870231

    Mike870231 Non-League

    26 November 2005
    just wondering cause that would be alot easier is it possible?and im talking about pes6 for pc.
  2. bummy_jab

    bummy_jab League 2

    9 August 2004
    Yea man those RBK balls are HORRIBLE!!!!!! the world cup balls are decent but we need the nike balls, cl ball, and the rotiero
  3. iop

    iop Guest

    I don't like the Reebok footballs either- although the red and white one's okay.
  4. V1RTU4L

    V1RTU4L Non-League

    22 April 2006
    yeah, i don't know what idiot deceided to put a black RBK ball in there ... it looks absolutely bad
  5. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Not possible through option files. Possible through patching, once the graphics are cracked.
  6. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006
    I wonder what the hell they did to the Telstar in WE10? I love that ball, even though it was a replique ball in WE10 which has an inverted color scheme with mostly black panels. Still lovely. :)

    This is what a ball should look like:

    Last edited: 29 October 2006
  7. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    you will have to wait for juce to make a ballserver i believe. or if you want to screw around with the texture list in the AFS file you can put in new balls and new ball mdl's there.
  8. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006
    Yup. I believe a Kitserver 6 is in the making so I will probably see what happens to that.

    By the way xinzhitan14, you make balls and kits right? Any chance of having a go at the Telstar? I don't think it has been made yet by anyone. Also, another black-white ball is the Nike Tiempo Legend which also has the black-white panels, only the black panels are located on some of the hexagons and not the smaller pentagons like the telstar. That one only exists in 256x256 format made by the_thing way back I think.

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