Is there any kits avaible for kitserver yet?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by pudd, 19 October 2008.

  1. pudd

    pudd Non-League

    5 December 2007
    Haven't found any kits for kitserver 8 yet (pes2009). Is there any out yet?

  2. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood Conference

    27 August 2006
    Originally Posted by juce
    At this point, kitserver 8 doesn't support GDB kits yet. So, for now, you can use the nice kits you have downloaded in a different way: insert them into bins using GGS.

    Originally Posted by Blue Blood
    1st you need GGS to be installed, GGS has the capability to view and modify bin files in a very easy way "Drag & Drop".

    Each img file contain several bin files inside, so you will need to extract these bins by using AFS for example move these extracted bins to their correspondent img folder that you have to make inside kitserver e.g. cv06.img contain a lot of bin files , these bins contain kits,fonts,numbers,..etc in which you can change /modify using GGS. so create a folder with the name cv06.img inside img folder of kitserver " ...PES2009\kitserver\img\cv06.img", move the extracted bins to this folder, open the desired bin and modify it using GGS, from there kitserver will handle the job.

    For more info about kitserver and how it works, please read the manual , otherwise what is the benefit of releasing the manual if no one will read it ?!!

    I hope this will help


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