Is it time for a revolutionary online game?

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by hotgunner, 17 April 2008.

  1. hotgunner

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    7 August 2004
    Arsenal FC
    Why can't Konami ditch old ideas and make an entirely new footy game focusing only on the online aspect? If only they invest$ into a solid gameplay and good network infrastructure instead of acquiring licenses.

    For starters,

    1. Establish a good network.
    2. Establish a good winning eleven styled gameplay core.
    3. Allow 10 vs 10 online match.
    4. Every player starts off with a same model/attributes with the option to set height and skin colour.
    5. Focus on players' strength, pace/acceleration, passing/shooting (power and accuracy), tackling and ball control. For every team win, players get points to increase their attributes. Attributes decrease for a team loss, but never beyond fixed starting attributes.
    6. Players can choose a fixed position or be assigned a random position.
    7. Team and player ranking ladders.

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