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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MonkeyJug, 3 October 2008.

  1. MonkeyJug

    MonkeyJug Steering 747s Up Above U!

    15 December 2001
    Glasgow Rangers
    ...even though some mods might think it should go up top...

    basically, without having to wade through a thousand posts, i want to know the answer to this question.

    i used to love, nay, scratch that, ADORE the iss games on the playstation. that's where my love of the series started, right back in 1995. i've never really taken to the ps2 games, although, a few have been reasonable. i tried the last fifa game (the one with ronaldinho freestyling it while you decided what you wanted to do) and didn't really like it, although to be fair, i didn't really play it for more than a half-hour...

    i haven't really played the pes games for a good couple of years now, considering it was the ONLY game of choice prior to that with me and my mates every single thursday, friday and saturday night, consuming hour after hour of our time, and many, many a £20 note has been lost during winner-takes-all tournies...

    anyway, i saw the advert on tv for the new fifa and it really does look AWESOME!

    my question (finally) is this:

    so what's the score? is pes really that bad, and is fifa really the king now?

    ps. i hope the mods allow this post to stay down here, 'cos i can't be arsed going up to the top of the boards to find out. i really want an answer from those who tend to loiter down here at the bottom of the boards...

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  2. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    I would say FIFA is a better game this year MJ, I'm basing this off just the demo of PES, though I can't see the final game being vastly different.
    2009 is really 2008.5 as most people have pointed out, you can alter the speed on FIFA so if you prefer it a little faster it's there for you, the BAP and online 10v10 seem to be going down well and even the MM, which has barely been touched is still far more of a Sim off field than the ML... If your still unsure rent it...
  3. MonkeyJug

    MonkeyJug Steering 747s Up Above U!

    15 December 2001
    Glasgow Rangers
    cheers nick, that's what i had suspected...

    the advert for fifa really does sell it to me, and if i'm being honest, i've never really enjoyed ANY pes game after it evolved from ps1. in fact, whenever we used to have tournies, right up until we sort of grew out of them a couple of years ago, it was really only iss pro evo (part 1) that we used to play...

    i will give fifa a bash as it does look, at least, the dogs nuts! it seems like pes has been living on past glories for too long and it's gonna come back and bite them on the ass! bless it... it give me many, many, many a happy hour!
  4. Yana

    Yana R.I.P Fazzaday :(

    2 March 2008
    PES is pretty dire now unfortuntely, I used to play ISS and PES as well as FIFA on the PSX and PS2 but since next gen arrived PES has gone shockingly bad but FIFA has got better.
  5. marukomu

    marukomu Ecchi otoko

    26 November 2005
    Okayama, Japan
    Man Utd, Stockport County
    Perfect Eleven on the SNES with my wild card. Those were the days.
  6. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    Fifa is brilliant this year

    I cant see how Konami can catch up now because Fifa is light years ahead

    Play one game of FIFA 09 and 1 on PES2009 and you could pick out hundreds of things that Fifa does the PES don't and even the things they both do Fifa does better

    The end :))
  7. marukomu

    marukomu Ecchi otoko

    26 November 2005
    Okayama, Japan
    Man Utd, Stockport County
    Is that on the PC though?
  8. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    No the PC version is current gen and nothing like the console versions
  9. matherto

    matherto 20 times 20 times Man United

    13 October 2004
    St. Helens, Merseyside.
    Manchester United
    I still enjoy the ISS games more than any other football game around. I've got all the names edited on '98, Evo and Evo 2 so I'm a happy bunny.

    FIFA is brilliant and has been brilliant for the past two games, and 2007 was a decent game on the 360 once you got into it.

    PES has just gone down the pan though. They should've just given up after PES5 as that was the pinnacle of football games at the time.
  10. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    Jeez, I think FIFA is pants, it must have totally come on this year as I've played 2007 and 2008 and they're as bad as ever.

  11. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Yes x2.

    But like ISS/PES the first time you played it you have to spend far more than 30 mins with it to appreciate it.
  12. MonkeyJug

    MonkeyJug Steering 747s Up Above U!

    15 December 2001
    Glasgow Rangers
    cheers for the comments, guys...

    looks like i'll be mostly playing fifa this year!
  13. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    Don't take our word for it rent PES and see how shocking it really is, or get both demos off XBL/PSN

    Play PES then whack Fifa on or vise versa, the difference in quality is unreal

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