How to put option file into ps2

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  1. Lukas9

    Lukas9 LTU-Lietuva

    5 March 2008
    Well my ps2 isnt chipped and i really want to know how can i put an option file into my ps2 for pes6.I dont have a max drive and i dont want to buy one so is there away to put option file without buying a max drive and without chipped ps2
  2. chico

    chico The Peoples Poster!

    5 December 2006
    Belfast, Ireland.
    EFC - The Peoples Club
    buy a memory card with the option file on it from ebay only a couple of pound, search on ebay for one.
  3. Lukas9

    Lukas9 LTU-Lietuva

    5 March 2008
    But there should be another way to put it on ps2 memory card.I could just dowload an option file of here for free its just i got a problem putting on my memory card
  4. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Yes, there is a way. If you want to download an option file, the only way to transfer it to your memory card is by using a Max Drive or an X-Port. But if you don't want to make that effort then go and get ripped off on ebay by paying for something that is free. You don't need a chipped PS2 to use a Max Drive or an X-Port. And they can be used for option files for every single PS2 game. Great value for money, especially for the Winning Eleven games, unless you like to translate all player names from Japanese to English by yourself.
  5. Lukas9

    Lukas9 LTU-Lietuva

    5 March 2008
    Were can i get xport
  6. Didibu69

    Didibu69 Non-League

    31 July 2008
    Manchester United
    yeah where can you get it and how does it work or what is it a program or soekind of trhing?
  7. theCRO

    theCRO Championship

    6 April 2003
    you are here ->
    search for bin cue method, you burn the cue file, load up the disc and overwrite the option file. I can't remember exactly how, but it's on the forums here.

    U get into the menu, press L1, chose cdms, press triangle, or something. DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS!!

    You will find the instructions somewhere.

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