how to play 1vs1 in CUP mode?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by gudiagu, 7 November 2008.

  1. gudiagu

    gudiagu ..:: Maradona Rubio ::..

    6 November 2002
    Does anyone know how to play 1vs1 in CUP mode?
    what happened to this feature? it was possible in 2008 by selecting two teams, then when one human had a game against the computer (the other human could play as the computer)

    ...but now they take it out... ridicilous!


    why can't they keep the good stuff in the game! crazy japanese!

    can someone make a trainer or a hack to fix this...

    how boring is it that you can't use the game to its fullest!!!

    I HATE KONAMI!!!! It's like they are trying to ruin the game...
  2. gioyfa

    gioyfa Conference

    16 December 2006
    Athens, Greece
    A.E.K Athens, Inter

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