How come so few players have amazing dribbling skills

Discussion in 'Football' started by pes4lyfe, 12 May 2012.

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    4 July 2011
    By this I mean to consitently dribble fast and beat players when they have possesion of the ball.

    For every Neymar and Messi there are 50 Gary Nevilles etc.

    What makes a player able to dribble and beat players easily whislt some players cant do it at all.

    Is it just instinctive natural ability? Anyone can be trained to dribble. What makes Ronaldos and Messis able to consistnely beat players and advance up the pitch. DO they just have more confidence to do it. Other players like to play safe but possibly they have the ability.

    I know at my 5-a-side league there are some players including myself that always do moves and dribbles then there are players that just seem to pass and move. Do they believe they dont have the skills or pace? For me it seems natural Im fast and skinny so agile with quick feet.

    How come there are few players like this in the game and the ones that are are famous. I had a pro footballer mate play with our team a few times, he was amazing at shooting and passing pinpoint accurate compared to us amateurs but even still he rarely doen anything exciting or dribble wise. I would do more dribbles and beat more players than him..

    Many players lack courage/efort to always try to dribble or it is a natural ability that few players have? It cant be attained?

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