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Hitman: Blood Money

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Oli, 24 May 2006.

  1. Oli

    Oli Gooner

    1 September 2002
    Has no one played this yet?

    I got my hands on it yesterday for PS2 and its really good. Same old Hitman.. great fun and intensity.

    Can't comment on the graphics cos PS2 is shit but I'm hoping to buy the Xbox 360 version when its out on Friday.
  2. pablocoo

    pablocoo League 2

    6 November 2004
    Well... I've got one (PC version), but I can't play it until I buy a new graphic card :roll:
    I tried, but what fun is playing with 4fps? (fx5200 is bullshit)
  3. Bond

    Bond Non-League

    23 March 2003
    i try the demo but it was too short but very fun to play
  4. kel

    kel Nur der HSV

    7 May 2003
    Hamburg, Germany
    Hamburger SV
    Playing it on the PC and I am loving it. I have finished the first two missions so far. Story seems well made. Graphics are great, too. The limited saves and the fact that ingame saves (during missions) get lost when you quit the game sucks, though.

    By the way, there is a 'Hitman' movie coming in 2007 in which Vin Diesel will play the role for Agent 47. In my opinion that guy from 'The Transporter' would have suited better.
  5. Ch00ng

    Ch00ng | | CHAMP19NS | |

    4 August 2005
    M16 0RA
    Man Utd & England
    Yeh Jason Statham. This game sounds awesome, gonna get it at the weekend.
  6. deftonesmx17

    deftonesmx17 100% Werder!

    13 July 2005
    United States of Arrogance
    Werder Bremen
    Got the PC version and I can say right now, im not impressed at all. The game feels dumbed down like a console game. Oh yeah, I forgot, its just a port from a console game :roll:
  7. Moufa-man

    Moufa-man Conference

    18 June 2003
    Planet Moufa
    I've just finished it yesterday on normal (PS2) and it is simply perfect!!!The missions are just so well done and the fact that you can cause "accidents" rather than killing them adds so much to the fun.

    What I am wondering now is if you can cause "accidents" on every mission cause in some missions I just cannot seem to get the silent assassin rating but the Professonal one...

    Anyone with an answer to that?
  8. after im done wit hitman 2 i will have a look at this one as well.. hitman games are usually are very intense and has great stories.
  9. APX


    8 July 2005
    Suomi Finland
    Bought blood money for 360 yesterday. It´s very nice game. customizing weapons good weapon loading animations(better than in GRAW) you can go guns blazing or sneak in, in disguise. Now im on the hospital level where i need to find agent smith. where the hell is he? oh well its fun trying to get in maybe i need personal guard suit for this, or maybe doctors. well i tryed to run and gun with m4 but it didnt work so well. altough i got trough opera level getting "terrorist" rating :)
  10. kel

    kel Nur der HSV

    7 May 2003
    Hamburg, Germany
    Hamburger SV
    He's in the medical wing.
  11. rockykabir

    rockykabir hello

    30 March 2003
    London -> New York -> San Francisco
    Liverpool FC
    What the hell is Tupac doing to Snoop in your avatar?!
  12. APX


    8 July 2005
    Suomi Finland
    one nice thing i read on hitmanforums is when the screen goes red when you´re dying 3 headshots gives you more health.
  13. Slickhenry

    Slickhenry Guest

    got it on 360,good game. mardi gras level is doing my head in though.
  14. proxi

    proxi Champions League

    9 February 2003
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Awesome game, love it to bits.

    Finished it the other day on Normal, i'm now making my way through Pro. The last level.....
    was great, even though so short. First time I got there I didn't realize you could wake up, haha! Then the next time, I did and blew them mofos away before clanging the priest at the gate with a hammer :D

    Every level (except for the Heaven & Hell building one, which was piss easy) was challenging and the locations were brill - I found no fault at all with the game as a whole. Looking forward to the next one.

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