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Discussion in 'Football' started by Iamthewalrus, 9 March 2006.

  1. Iamthewalrus

    Iamthewalrus Non-League

    22 January 2003
    Hello Chaps,
    Hoping you can help me here. I have to put together a presentation and I'm looking to get my hands on some high/decent resolution premiership
    club badges. Ones that I can use on smallish posters and leaflets.
    Cheers in advance for any help!
  2. kel

    kel Nur der HSV

    7 May 2003
    Hamburg, Germany
    Hamburger SV
  3. Iamthewalrus

    Iamthewalrus Non-League

    22 January 2003
    Thank you for these! They are just what I was after!
  4. Stringer Bell

    Stringer Bell Banned

    12 February 2005
    Yeah, thanks for the links kel.

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