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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Daffydgeorge, 25 December 2007.

  1. Daffydgeorge

    Daffydgeorge Non-League

    22 February 2007
    I have a new computer and wish to install PES however I have lost the leaflet which has the registration code to install the game. The game isn't illegal btw, it was bought from the shops but I have lost the leaflet.
    Is there anyway I can install it without the registartion number ?
  2. Pebino

    Pebino Non-League

    16 March 2006
    No, you need the key whatsoever.. It can be done illegally but that way you won't have the online possibility, although it isn't a big loss..
  3. Daffydgeorge

    Daffydgeorge Non-League

    22 February 2007
    Ok thanks mate. 'm ordering a new one.
  4. Neoexodus

    Neoexodus SLB Juve Barça Arsenal

    8 November 2007
    Your spending money in this game? Just download i from the internet, Online isn't worth it dude. At all. :(

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