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Help with the master league

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by ShAdOw-G, 1 July 2007.

  1. ShAdOw-G

    ShAdOw-G Non-League

    30 May 2006
    I've been playing the master league for a few seasons now, but when I go to the edit team mode during the offseason I can't edit the team strip, name or emblem. When, if at all, would I be able to edit these features?
  2. Fatality

    Fatality Gawd like

    30 July 2005
    Did you pick a registered team not a custom one, cause you cant edit proper teams like United/Lille/Barcelona etc
  3. ShAdOw-G

    ShAdOw-G Non-League

    30 May 2006
    ooohhhh of course...yeah I picked united, thanks for the help
  4. predator002

    predator002 League 1

    14 November 2004
    Yes that is one of the things i hate. Basically within the master league don't bother choosing a licensed team because you can't edit them. You are stuck with their kit forever.

    Konami should allow us to edit kits for licensed teams.
  5. Sabac Red

    Sabac Red Premiership

    22 November 2002
    It's in the licensing agreement that they can't allow us to do that.

    And people make a big fuss over licensed teams....
  6. predator002

    predator002 League 1

    14 November 2004
    Then surely couldn't konami make an option for licensed teams during the preseason, where the user can choose the different licensed kits?

    So for example, with AC Milan the user can't edit the kit but can choose any of the kits they had during the course of the licensing agreement. So the user can pick any of their kits since PES1?

    Or with Arsenal I could pick an emirates sponsored kit or O2 or even a Dreamcast one if the licensing agreement stretched that far?

    Its not exactly editing but still allowing the user to change their kits. I'm sure the license Konami has with the team is not limited to the current season like EA's is as they just deal with the whole league not individual teams. The individual team license might be different for this to work.

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