Good or bad things in PES, does not matter?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by nedostizni, 23 October 2013.

  1. nedostizni

    nedostizni League 2

    23 September 2003
    Hi there,
    It's been some 10 years since I started my odyssey here on Evo-web, and I'm glad you guys are still keeping it up, and did not seize to exist, nor merged with others. Keep up the good work.
    It's been more than 15 years since my Konami football odyssey started too. Disappointed with the newest version of PES 2014 (again?) I decided to throw out just a couple of comments on Konami's working ethic and policy.
    I would be very pleased to hear some other opinions on this.

    Ok, our life would probably not be the same without the Japanese folks. They gave us so much joy, so many happy moments and spent time, that's a fact. We all love this product of theirs, otherwise we wouldn't be spending so much time playing it.
    But! After all these years of new releases of PES/WE/ISS I could not resist to say that Konami is basically just a corporation, which means this people are trying to make so money. Well "some" is a bit of diminutive, as Konami earns more on an annual level than other 36 world countries do.
    Second fact we have is related to the very nature of the football game - it's the same - you have 22 guys running across the green meadow for an hour and a half, trying to put a round balloon thing into the net. So there are not different landscapes (I was not talking about stadiums :)), no different levels, bosses, guilds, swords, guns, cars, etc. A football video games, and generally sport video games, could not be that diverse as other games can be.
    And I do not think that there is something wrong with that, otherwise I wouldn't be spending my time watching and playing this game.

    Problem starts when you connect the 'not so diverse game' with the fact that Konami is a corporation. This implies that if you would like to make more money, with upper kind of games, you need to offer something "new" each year.
    But due to limited game potentials (which sport games definitively have), you need to change something each year, by paying no attention at all whether that change is good for the game or not. That's not important, the important part is that you changed something. And I am not talking about the graphics, sound - that's something that we all expect to happen each year. Each year some aspects of the PES/WE are great, some are bad. Next year, or the one after, they turn the tables. Either shoots are good, but free kicks are bad; or penalties are good, but shoots are bad ...
    And then an avalanche of "experts" arrives: "you need to buy a pink Xbox joypad, or you need to buy a zebra PS3 joypad. It's because of the new Fox engine - it's much advanced, you simple seem to be too stupid to understand it. It's because the new edition is amazingly realistic a true next-gen, and you are just too much arcade-oriented.
    It's because you are playing with England, not with Costa Rica. Take Costa Rica..."

    Why couldn't the good things stay, and they change only the bad things? Wouldn't that be reasonable? Hm, maybe, but in my opinion, Konami folks think that this might lower their profits. Maybe players will become bored after few years of playing "ideal" football?
    Instead selling something new, each year regardless of whether good/bad things have been changed - makes the pockets full. Hey, you can always make an excuse, that it's just a matter of accommodation. And until players realize that it's not - one year already passed, and there's a new edition you will sell them.

    Just my two cents. What do you think?

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  2. casperld

    casperld Premiership

    25 August 2008
    Manchester United
    I think the pride has gone from Pes. How could a company release a game so full of bugs and be proud of it?
    Pes used to be excellence personified. And they seemed to cram as much good things into the game as possible. Pes was a shining example of how good a game could be.

    Football is a simple game really, konami need to go back to basics of what made their game so good. Im (sort of) enjoying Pes14 but it's infuriating a lot of the time just down to poor programming and just lack of ideas from Konami.

    Maybe next-gen will prove to be different. Who knows?
  3. nedostizni

    nedostizni League 2

    23 September 2003
    Thank you for the reply casperld,
    We've been hearing that next-gen excuse for the last couple of years.

    IIHUII Banned

    3 September 2010
    How ?? First engine was limited , now the hardware is limited , is that real reasons PES to be so bad now ?? Of course not. All is about wrong decisions , wrong direction and very poor work in almost every unit of Konami and .. the worst is that ..all what they can do now, on this stage and with this team .

    PES 2015 will be a simple update of PES 2014 with better graphics for PS4 and XboxOne, with maybe with more bad decisions . One of them to be , to do not release NG for PC (I can bet for this) My hopes for NG are really none, before PES 2014 was small but now are none.
  5. casperld

    casperld Premiership

    25 August 2008
    Manchester United
    Im not holding my breath either, believe me. The hardware is holding it back big time visually on 360/ps3 so at least that will look good next year, nice and smooth framerate. The game play isnt where it should be. My hopes is that Seabass (remember him?) has been working for years on the NG yersion....It's a dream I know but you never know.
  6. nedostizni

    nedostizni League 2

    23 September 2003
    Seabass has been a team leader up to PES 2012. Still the things I have mentioned appeared regularly with him on board, and as we saw in the last two editions - without him on the board.
    It has nothing to do with the leader - but with Konami corporation.

    And it's not only the case with PES/WE series. The same complains have been heard from Madden NFL, NBA Live, FIFA series:

    Interesting, isn't it?

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