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Game won't start

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by best_fullback, 18 January 2007.

  1. best_fullback

    best_fullback Non-League

    25 December 2006
    Got the game 2day and my computer is easily powerful enough but for some reason when i put the DVD in the drive, nothing happens it just spins and jerks inside and doesnt load any installation screen. i tried it in my 2 year old laptop and it comes up with the autorun screen then.

    i know its a DVD game but im sure my new comp has a dvd drive because its only 3 weeks old and it can run DVD movies fine and it says DVD R/RW on the outside meaning it can play written ones too.

    Any help appreciated
  2. LORDC007

    LORDC007 League 2

    4 February 2004
    either your dvd drive is knacked or there is some sort of conflict. have you tried running setup manually from the disk?
  3. best_fullback

    best_fullback Non-League

    25 December 2006
    i can't. if i go to my computer and right click on the dvd drive it comes up with a loading icon and locks up and i have to go into task manager to get out of it.

    when i put the cd in i can hear it trying to spin but it jerks and stuff. really wierd. i dont want to send it back though cos i love this game. does no one else have this problem??

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