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Game is crashing after 10 mins!!? patch1.01

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by lovesexy, 1 October 2011.

  1. lovesexy

    lovesexy League 2

    15 October 2008
    I received my copy of Pes 2012 this morning. I didn't try the game before installing the 1.01 patch. The screen is freezing after 10 mins or so. It's a big problem coz I've been disconnected 2 times during online matches - therefore if it continues I run the risk of being banned!

    Anyone else have the same problem?
  2. Hawke

    Hawke ♫ Celery , Celery ♫ Staff

    19 January 2005
    are you using kitserver ? if so read the kitserver thread, last few pages mate.
  3. lovesexy

    lovesexy League 2

    15 October 2008
    Thanks, I have it but didn't attach it for fear of the game crashing. I am using the new camera tool though. But the game is also freezing at other points - like when I was editing a team etc...
  4. lovesexy

    lovesexy League 2

    15 October 2008
    For anyone interested - it seems that the camera settings tool was the problem.

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