fooking servers are a joke

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by The Tedster, 29 October 2006.

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  1. The Tedster

    The Tedster Guest

    WTF are Konami doing... Pro evolution is the biggest game in history and they dont give a crap about it anymore..... Please Konami hand over the raines to a company that care about it so they can make our great game GREAT again.. I am fed up with the servers being down AGAIN.. FFS SORT IT OUT
  2. f1r3b4ll

    f1r3b4ll Non-League

    26 October 2006
    I'd love to say that it's sunday morning and the servers are all sorted but ...well lol you know just as well as me those japanese fucks aren't gtting their finger out...

    I blame the PS2 user's - not for the lobby issue - just because they have PS2's :P
  3. The Tedster

    The Tedster Guest

    lol.. I cant beleive its sunday morning and i cant log in... it was fine first thing. I entered one of the comps played my 3 games and as soon as the third game ended i lost connection.. What a waste of an hour playing 3 games and not even knowing where i ended up cos they cant even keep a server up and running.....
  4. JANER

    JANER Guest

    Least u got 3 games, I got up at 8am here in Ireland and I cannot connect :(
  5. StuartCulli

    StuartCulli College Dropout

    25 July 2006
    Newcastle United
    9:30 and still no-one can connect =|

    Hats off Konami... :applause:
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