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Discussion in 'FIFA' started by wkhalil, 21 October 2014.

  1. wkhalil

    wkhalil League 1

    26 August 2013
    The game feels a bit different after the update. I don't know... maybe a bit faster? the feel/power of the pass seems different too. I really have been enjoying this game playing offline on manual. Wondering if some else feels the same way about the update??
  2. Keith Houchen

    Keith Houchen League 2

    8 November 2006
    I'm an arch-sceptic when it comes to these things, but I played a ton of FIFA15 before 1.03, and a ton afterwards – and I think the game has changed slightly for the worst. This isn't too much of a stretch, as the patchnotes specifically state there have been gameplay changes in a number of areas. They've all combined to produce a lesser game than vanilla FIFA15, or even 1.02 FIFA15, IMO.

    I only play offline, never online. Continuing my Career Mode after updating yesterday morning, the game feels faster, scruffier, and less rewarding. I suspect the changes EA have made have been with the online game in mind. Which is just typical.

    FIFA14 was a tedious slog much of the time. Loads of turgid midfield 'turnovers'.

    I think FIFA15 has taken an unwelcome step back to that level of frantic action.

    Before 1.03, I was enjoying a steadily-paced football game that I could play the Barca way if I wanted, or the 1980's Wimbledon way if I wanted, and get satisfaction from both.

    After 1.03, it often feels like FIFA14.5...

    I'm going to give it another few days and then start looking for ways to downgrade to vanilla.
  3. wkhalil

    wkhalil League 1

    26 August 2013
    Spot on! I feel the same way. For the first time since I got the game I have turned it off. Not saying it's extremely awful after the update but something just feels different, the game doesn't feel right. I will not give it another chance and I will find a way to revert to the original version, which I really enjoyed. I only play offline so I don't care about the extra stuff you get by being connected online. I just don't know how to get back to the original version on PS4, especially since it's a digital download
  4. Keith Houchen

    Keith Houchen League 2

    8 November 2006
    I'm in the same boat – digital download copy, so it'll be tough to downgrade.

    I was enjoying this game so much before yesterday morning that I am going to give it another few days just to see if I've had a bad couple of sessions. 1.03 coincided with some upheaval in my CM squad, a lot of new players coming and old ones leaving. I hope it's just that, but this looks bad considering how EA pander to the shrill complaints of the online masses (as usual they haven't shut up since day 1).

    I dunno... EA spend presumably a lot of time and effort and loving care in constructing the first respectable offline FIFA since 09 (IMO), and EA seem to have dismantled it within a few weeks of release. I hope not, but I fear so.
  5. Banksy

    Banksy Banned

    25 June 2014
    I fear your right...first football game I've really enjoyed in many a year and I thought at first it was just me coming back to it after spending some time with the pes demo..

    FIFA had finally become the game I hoped it would,but the knee jerkers have ruined it..

    Bloody whiners,never gave it a chance.
  6. wkhalil

    wkhalil League 1

    26 August 2013
    Any idea how to delete the update? I have completely delete the game and turned off automatic updates in settings but PS4 still download the update during the game re-downloading and force installing it. I began to think the a disc version was the better option
  7. Keith Houchen

    Keith Houchen League 2

    8 November 2006
    That's the problem we face – the update will now be part and parcel of the code in the digital download, and will come with any re-download.

    It might be that the DVD version is the only way to revert to vanilla FIFA15.

    At this stage I'm not going to bother taking that route. I'd rather hang on for PES2015 now. And I'll need another few long sessions on 1.03 before being sure that the latest update has tweaked the game in the completely wrong direction for me.
  8. wkhalil

    wkhalil League 1

    26 August 2013
    The only other solution I see is to keep deleting the update on the notification while the game is downloading. Not sure if this will work but i"ll give a try
  9. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Yes it feels faster, as has been covered in the existing Fifa thread, not sure why a new thread was needed?
  10. mfmaxpower

    mfmaxpower International

    29 July 2010
    Feels exactly the same playing online matches. Don't know why offline would be different.

    With all the complaints about various gameplay issues, and the criticism that EA don't do enough post-release to support the game, I don't know why EA would make improvements/adjustments and not take credit for it.

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