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  1. dannye06

    dannye06 Conference

    17 September 2006
    Fifa 08 xbox 360 ladder
    Want a nice and friendly place to enjoy Fifa 08 on the 360 live?
    With chances to win trophies medals and games of your choice?
    Well Fifaladder.com is the new place to be!
    We at Fifaladder.com provide a new ladder system which starts a new season every month and prizes will be handed out for the top 3 players/
    1st place - Trophy, 2nd and 3rd place - Medals
    Also a Tournement will be held at the end of every month with the winning bagging them selves a copy of any game of there choice on any platform!
    As well as the singles ladder we will be hosting a 2v2 ladder aswell for all you team players!
    A chat room is provided on the site to arrange a game and come for some freindly banter!
    No fixture Tie down, you play your games whenever you want!
    Then why not join www.fifaladder.com
    Can You Fifa08? Prove it
  2. Bitter Rivals

    Bitter Rivals International

    24 January 2005
    nice site mate

    would you be interested in letting us run our own custom tournaments we have here..

    would look mighty nice on your site, i am sure it would bring more members over to you aswell
  3. dannye06

    dannye06 Conference

    17 September 2006
    Well through out the season we will be hosting an official competition at the end of eash season but there will be other tournements held through the season, so if you speak to admins then we can get something up
  4. riboflavin

    riboflavin League 2

    2 October 2004
    Los Angeles
    Man U
    are the current players on the fifa ladder site based from the UK?
  5. dannye06

    dannye06 Conference

    17 September 2006
    yeah, anyone can join but for obvious reasons prizes will be uk limited
  6. dannye06

    dannye06 Conference

    17 September 2006
  7. Tim7

    Tim7 Retired Footballer

    6 May 2003
    Charlton Athletic FC
    People have seen this thread and know what your site is about. It will now be closed.
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