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Feyenoord thrown out of UEFA Cup

Discussion in 'Football' started by Cloud1863, 19 January 2007.

  1. Cloud1863

    Cloud1863 Premiership

    10 December 2004
    Stoke City
  2. robin_007

    robin_007 Siem de Jong Fan

    1 September 2005
    AFC Ajax
    Only for this season, though. No big problems.
  3. Cloud1863

    Cloud1863 Premiership

    10 December 2004
    Stoke City
    Yes just this season but can someone tell me the last time a club was kicked out of a competition??
  4. SPiTFiRE

    SPiTFiRE Eus├ębio forever

    6 April 2004
    SL Benfica
    It's not the first time...
  5. pogoss

    pogoss International

    19 March 2005
    that's stupid , they should make the team play without supporter for one or more games instead of punishing evryone even the non guilty ones .
    will PSG get thrown out as well for what happened against the israelian team ?
  6. scratch-br

    scratch-br Mr. Scratcher

    14 December 2004
    Hm... It is a different case...
    PSG case happened outside the stadium, it had not an impact with the game, and others... so i guess the entire case is for Police.

    In this case, this was in the stadium, the game was stopped, the confusion started, etc. So i think it is a right decision. A team can't control their supporters, but the supporters also carry the name of the team.
  7. pogoss

    pogoss International

    19 March 2005
    a "huis clos" would have been enough as a punishement .

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