Few questions before I pre-order PES12, pls help :)

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by iluvnineties, 27 August 2011.

  1. iluvnineties

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    18 April 2008
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    FC Porto
    I'd like to know couple of things before I go ahead and pre-order PES12.
    I live in Eastern US, Boston-Massachusetts to be exact. I know PS3 is regionfree
    therefore I can play PAL version of PES without any problems. So if I do get PAL PES12
    I can still play online and will get European players correct ? This is actually
    the main reason why I want to pre-order European version of PES12. I strongly
    believe I will get better quality, more mature players in Europe, than in US/Central America, etc.
    I'm sure you folks who reside in Europe do get trolls who constnanly use powerhouse teams and have few tactics of play (cutbacks, run run run with Messi, Ronaldo etc.)
    I am European myself who just happens to live in US. Not trying to discriminate anyone, as I get along with every race, but
    playing some of these hispanics can be nerve wrecking especially online. Again, Im sure we have latino members here as well, so dont take this the wrong way pls.

    Lastly, where can I pre-order PES12 ? What online store would you recommend the most, with good, speedy delivery & good customer support for future orders.
    I always used play-asia for Winning Eleven orders, never had any problems, excellent shipping.

    Thanks for the help fellas.:WORSHIP:
  2. Natural Bahraini

    Natural Bahraini Non-League

    17 December 2007
    try shopto.net. I'm in NA as well and always order from them.

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