Egyptian National Team or Egyptian Clubs in PES 2008 ?!!!

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by mimoman, 24 July 2007.

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  1. mimoman


    27 January 2006
    Made in EGYPT
    Why Konami ignore us ?
    why Konami dont put our national team
    its the best team in Africa .. so read this :

    so are you agree with put Egyptian National team in next PES 2008
    plz Vote all in my sig
    and say what do you think in this thread
    and how can i send Konami about this ?
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  2. abdozoon

    abdozoon AhlawY EditoR

    18 February 2006
    Location: Location:
    {EL-AHLY} sure
    I think that is impossible for Konami to put Egyptian teams in PES 2008.

    but if Konami will do that, We will have to make a patch to improve the Egyptian teams (faces,kits,.......) because Konami almost will make the names only so we have to make the patch (the whole egyptian league not only Ahly & Zamalek)
    so we don't need the Egyptian teams to be added in the game.
    also there are several teams that Konami didnt added them to PES such as Internacional , Bouka Joniors(is this the correct spelling or not :) ) and these teams are better than Ahly & Zamalek.
    also Ahly & Zamalek are better than several teams already existed in the game.
    we should ask Konami about improving the game engine and to let the teams editing for us.

    sorry for my bad EN.
  3. On The Edge of Insanity

    On The Edge of Insanity Conference

    26 November 2006
    National team is possible, no chance of the club teams though, they only have a few South American teams and none from Mexico, who are of a much higher standard that the Egyptian club sides.
  4. gomito#10

    gomito#10 World Cup Winner

    9 May 2003
    DC, USA
    this is why

    2 Participations in World Cups 1934& 1990 (1st round)
  5. mimoman


    27 January 2006
    Made in EGYPT
    SO can any one tell me how can i ask konami about this ? :(
  6. SXFuzz

    SXFuzz Super Moderator Staff

    17 November 2001
    At a guess, making a telephone call? They're not going to private message you here are they?
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