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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by viktoristus, 24 July 2009.

  1. viktoristus

    viktoristus WE9LE

    1 January 2009
    Hi. I am going to do an OF for incoming season and my key is to DELETE every FAKE player in PES6 and substitute him with real one. I have a question about ML Young and ML Old section - can I change for example 19-year-old Schwarz with 21-year-old Rasmus Elm? Or even 29-year-old Julio Cesar Caceres? Will he have accurate age or will it be messed up and reseted to 19 years? The same question for stats and appearance.

    I know, that ML Young/Old players doesn't appear in ML till one season (or till half-season negotiations?) - so even if you assign them to your starting team, they won't be there - so I can't test that and see, if it's messed up or no, because I would have to play one complete season and it's very long time needed to do it, so I am asking YOU, experienced PES players, if it's possible to complete change of FAKE ML boy to real football player. ;)

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