Edit Mode for 360 on Marketplace?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by philter, 10 October 2006.

  1. philter

    philter Non-League

    25 November 2005
    assuming we really arn't geting a proper edit mode as standard.


    Would you pay for an XboX 360 upgrade or edit tool on the market place few months after release? How much would you be willing to pay?

    Id pay £5-15 if it meant we could download updated rosters and edit kits etc.

    If the only reason they havnt included it is due to time there is no reason why they shouldnt try and get something sorted.
  2. Han

    Han Very senior member

    22 December 2001
    They don't. Seabass said very clear it will be next year as good as the editor from PS2...

    But still, I would pay 10-20 euro to get it...
  3. freddyboy

    freddyboy Inside Bristol Mary

    18 April 2002
    i'd pay a bit, maybe a fiver, but it would have to be as good as the PS2 OF's in terms of kits at least.

    but my main point is that Seabass has said it's not as good as PS2, but he hasn't (afaIk) said what's in and whats not......we might get a good kit editore, but not player stats - i they have beefed up the AI, as claimed, they would need rigorous and time consuming testing to ensure attribute editing didn't affect the game too much....here's hoping!
  4. bonjovifan

    bonjovifan League 2

    16 October 2005
    Maidstone United
    I wouldn't pay anything for something that should be in the game in the first place. I'm a big 360 fan, but I'll wait for next years Pro Evo before going next gen, I'm not paying more, for less.
  5. docomo

    docomo Non-League

    24 April 2003
    We're already paying more the game itself, compared to current gen versions, and I would be loathe to pay for a function that should have been included.
  6. Andrew_2006

    Andrew_2006 Non-League

    21 September 2006
    I dont know how true it is but apparantly the only thing missing from the edit mode on the 360 is the option to change players stats. Again I cant confirm if this was true though. I think I could live without being able to change players stats if it meant there is a kit editor in this version.
  7. philter

    philter Non-League

    25 November 2005
    i would say the most difficult thing to change in edit mode would be the graphic editing as the resolutions have obviously changed.

    stats should be fairly easy i would think.

    i just hope the option file still contains the data and they just wert able to include an editing interface in time. this way it should still be possible for 3rd party developes/editors to create something.
  8. marsmanic

    marsmanic Patchin' N00b

    1 May 2006
    Blackburn Rovers!
    If the stats are realistic to begin with then hopefully it will be fine with no stat edit.
  9. malf1985

    malf1985 Stadium and SPL editor

    20 August 2003
    Carluke, Scotland

    Check this screenshot. Note the abscence of other league C. Its maybe an early shot but surely that confirms there is no team Editing in the 360 version? After all, it would be pointless adding another page of teams specifically to be edited if there is no kit/player editor.
  10. bonjovifan

    bonjovifan League 2

    16 October 2005
    Maidstone United
    I really doubt that is true, stat editing would be such an easy thing to include. If anything is missing it'll be kit editing and the such, part of me feels it'll probably be much like the PSP version of PES5 was.

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