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Does PES 6 choose a team to favour?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Zain Mastron, 30 December 2006.

  1. Zain Mastron

    Zain Mastron Non-League

    30 July 2006
    I'll try to explain this as best I can as I am not very good at articulating myself.

    Now, before I start, I could just be poor at this game or it could just be that when I'm losing I tend to become biased and heated. But a little part of me thinks this is true and I wanted to see if others agree, disagree or have any comments.

    From playing against human opposition and against the computer, I have noticed that one team tends to get all the breaks/luck/bounces etc. Sometimes it's the team I am playing with, sometimes the team I am playing against. But if you watch very carefully and take note, I've noticed that when tackles fly in and headers are performed, the ball bounces to one team a lot more than it does for the other team.

    Also, tackles that give away fouls tend to be something else I find to be biased. Sometimes, the player I am controlling will tackle and it should be a foul but he'll get nothing, then the other team will tackle and get a foul or even a yellow card. And vice versa. I've been playing games with another human opponent where they have slid in as the last man and given away a free kick and gotten a yellow card, yet later in the game I've slid with my player who was the last man and I get given a straight red. The next game, and it'll be the complete opposite.

    I was just wondering if anyone else agrees with me and/or has had the same thing happen to them. Or am I being completely paranoid and just trying to blame my defeats and poor playing skills on something that isn't there.
  2. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    You're right. This is how PES works, unfortunately.
  3. afghankiller

    afghankiller Non-League

    19 July 2006
    yes ur right men , i reallyy get pissed when i play against my brother, he always has luck i dont know why.
    he always gets trough my defence without a ptoblem:P
    and when i have the same chances as he do i will miss the goal!
    its reallly frustating.
    ohwya and when i play against the computer i noticed the ALWAYS TRY to get to the wing! and then cross the ball!
    the ALWAYS try that. i play on profesional or top player by the way.
  4. g13nn

    g13nn Non-League

    29 January 2006
    I disagree. When I've been playing within my Master League (with Juventus may I add), I've found it to be fairly realistic in terms of balancing team's momentum throughout the match.

    For example, I'm a quick starter, and for the first 30 minutes or so I'm always the one attacking the opponents goal - occasionally being hit on the counter but usually scoring or going close within the first 5/10mins (playing 20 minute matches this is). However, after this, the better teams (Man Utd, Barca, Inter, etc) tend to get into the game more and more. Whether it's just me, or the computer takes to you (the player's) style during a match, remains a mystery to me, but I do find matches a lot more balanced than previous additions to the Pro Evo series.

    I can happily start a match, take an early goal-lead, then after half hour or maybe half time, the opposition starts to play, dare I say it, better.

    I dunno, maybe it's just me - but that's my opinion guys.
  5. Guffers

    Guffers Non-League

    13 October 2006
    in my opinion the computer cheats like crazy. i find it incredibly frustrating to play quite well, pounding the oppositions defences and then only to have them score on me in the most obviously scripted manner. usually via some BS rebounds. i heard that konami does this to try and keep the stats even. im not sure, but i know that it drives me crazy and has me howling at the ps2, psp quite regularly!! lucky the game is so good otherwise.
  6. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    I think it is does balance itself out over the amount of games you play, eventually.

    Has anyone noticed Japan and South Korea get more bias/luck towards them though, someone played online as South Korea against me and I had Iran. They get so much bias compared to other teams.
  7. LeeJay

    LeeJay Non-League

    9 May 2006
    I so glad someone brought this up, I've believed this from PES5 too. I play on the PC though. I am a far technically better player than my brother (who doesn't even know how to use the R2 button) yet he still manages to have ridiculous amounts of luck when playing me and although I tend to win most games, the game is highly frustrating. Obviously the CPU cheats more than it actually plays (don't even get me started on ML games), but I'm disappointed to see that it does seem that before kick off, the game pre-ordains who is going to be favoured. It's rubbish, it makes no sense at all. Why handicap a player just for the sake of it? My biggest bugbear with PES6 and 5 is that if the CPU doesn't want you to intercept a pass, despite you supercancelling - you WILL NOT intercept it. Your man does a funny little diagnol run just as you are about to touch the ball, even if you slide it will miss. Either that or your player will stop his run, or leg it behind the nearest player on the opposition so he can collect the pass - I hate it!!! Winning headers is a no-no too, Even Rio Ferdinand against Shaun Wright Philips is a no contest if the CPU wants SWP to win the header, Rio will miss it, stumble, balance the ball on the top of his head and fall over, goddamn cheating CPU! My pads are feeling the tension now, as I grip them so hard with intention to smash them...they're holding on by the skin of their teeth...
    Last edited: 10 January 2007
  8. FyNoMeNoN

    FyNoMeNoN League 2

    3 July 2006
    Tha stats of tha players is tha thing that determines that.. so its all about stats.. simple as that
  9. LeeJay

    LeeJay Non-League

    9 May 2006
    So are you saying SWP's heading, jumping and balance abilities are better than Rio's? And his height!? Abilities and stats have got fook all to do with it, when the CPU decides you're not gonna win. Dunno if it happens on PS2, but on PC you can be screaming down the wing with Henry or someone fast, and a slug of a defender powers up to you at lighting speed to prevent you putting a ball in. He'll foul you if he wants and get away with it too. Either that or Henry runs slow, miscontrols the ball, or stops and puts his foot on it mid-sprint!! It's a cheat...simple as that.
    Last edited: 11 January 2007
  10. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    The scripting does get very annoying at times and if you play against the Comp you get to know when things change and notice all the little things it does to shift the balance at times. Some of them even now make me fume and cry foul... they have been getting worse over the past few incarnations as it is an easy way of producing the game and saves on programming time I guess. As I said play for long enough and you'll spot them all,a few are very blatant and grind badly....
  11. cheezy102

    cheezy102 Guest

    I definately agree with the point about one team (human vs human) getting all the 50-50 balls / lucky bounces. I seems ridiculous when you tackle a stiker 4 times and everytime the ball just bobbles straight back to them.
  12. jonboyo

    jonboyo Premiership

    19 December 2002
    There is AI involved, stats just seem to manipulate it.eg Teamwork etc
    There is post goal AI- if you score the opposition will get 5mins of hard to stop attacking on you.Morale also gets effected.
    Luck is definately a factor whether the AI is with you or against and how long you have it for.
    Last edited: 21 January 2007
  13. Zagallo

    Zagallo Guest

    There's nothing lucky about this game Jonboyo!! Just read what Seabass said about PES6 scripting and you will understand how the cheating is present at all times!! And that was suppose to make the game more balanced...:shock: Absolute rubbish
  14. konafaa

    konafaa Non-League

    21 January 2007
    Well,this story might help.i played with a friend for over 2 years now starting from WE7,i play with Chelsea and he plays inter,he always claims that i get the luck coz the CPU favors Chelsea over inter or favors the English teams over Italian ones!! Recently he started playing with Chelsea as well so we both plays Chelsea , and guess what ,i still get the whole lucky balls and the referee's bias .."may be the cpu favors me over you personally " i said. :)...what i want to say it's all about experience and knowing the exact capabilities of your team and your players , defense techniques and shot timing and direction makes the difference between player and another it's not all about speedy players running fast towards goal and shoot in any direction and expecting to be a goal..same with defense..thank you

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