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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by 03sho, 28 October 2007.

  1. 03sho

    03sho Premiership

    27 August 2006
    How do you do a successful dive?
    i have done many but all of them end up me being booked.
  2. kingeasynow

    kingeasynow League 2

    5 October 2003
    I can't even do it! haha

    *edit* - and now i know why, even though I read L1+L2+R1, I've been pressing L2+R2+R1.

    Simply thick haha.
  3. 03sho

    03sho Premiership

    27 August 2006
    Lol i know what to press but i can't seem to be successful on them.
  4. kingeasynow

    kingeasynow League 2

    5 October 2003
    I just got a penalty vs spain, Ran into the box with ronaldo, there was the usual tussling wuith the defender behind and I did it then.
  5. uniesta

    uniesta Non-League

    20 March 2007
    is the diving function for ps2 aswell
  6. 03sho

    03sho Premiership

    27 August 2006
  7. uk_stanners

    uk_stanners Conference

    3 October 2003
    i only got one penalty, i have done many a great looking dive, and this one for the penalty looked stupid, axcept it would have been easier to score. shirt was being pulled though.

    Maybe it is an idea to try it when the ref is playing advantage?
  8. AOBrien07

    AOBrien07 Safc till i die !

    12 May 2006
    I was barca ran into the box with eto turned when i saw a defender next 2 me I dived got a pen while the opposing team member got a straight red card lol!

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