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  1. Blanco

    Blanco Championship

    31 October 2005
    Here are some defending tips...
    These are based on tutorials and personal findings, it not an exact science. Feel free to discuss or add some tips yourself.

    first things first...
    KNOW YOUR CONTROLS (defence)


    :r2: (hold): JOCKEY

    :r2: + :x: (hold) : HOLDUP PLAY

    :r1: (tap or hold) : SPRINT

    :x: (hold) : PRESSURE (automatic movement)

    :square: (hold or tap): DOUBLE PRESSURE, CLEAR

    :circle: (tap) : SLIDING TACKLE

    :r1: + :r2: (hold) : SUPERCANCEL​


    • When you move your defender, use leftstick to move and avoid sprinting (hold :r1: ) as much as possible. Watch the player with the ball and only sprint when he does, especially along the flanks. Sprint only when it's necessary! Do some training sessions and learn to defend only by moving your player into position. Learn to block passing lanes combined with controlled second pressure.
      Second pressure: hold the :square: button
      Start with 11 vs 11 sessions and decrease the number of players in your team when you feel ready (let the keeper participate, you'll need a keeper)

    • Don't use :x: to tackle.
      The only thing :x: does is directing your player towards the ball, even without touching the leftstick.
      Holding :x: doesn't leave room to anticipate.
      An AI player will bamboozle you everytime when you use :x:.
      In only one occasion holding :x: might be useful and thats when the ball is far from the AI players foot.

    • Use a short well timed :r2: tap to tackle the ball, but be patient, only tackle when you feel the ball is free and not shielded.
      The more your timing is off, the more you will miss the tackle.
      And even when you tackle the ball half, the ball will jump away from your foot and another AI player will steal "the second ball"

    • Don't always defend where the ball is.
      Sometimes the danger lurks somewhere else (deep runners, upcoming midfielders & wingers). Sometimes you better mark these instead of going for the tackle. Make sure you always use second pressure when you defend like that, but DON'T PUSH the second pressure button ALL THE TIME. Second pressure makes a player sprint towards the ball and sprinting in defence is always bad. Release the second pressure button when he's near the ballcarrier and he will do his job much better. Learn to ccordinate these two functions, mark the deep runner and use second pressure with care.

    • When defending in the box with a minimum of space, use jocky (hold :r2:) and avoid large sideways movements. Sometimes the attacker just runs into you when you just stand still.

    • Use the jocky function not too early when you run towards him, because the jockey animation is quite slow. When I approach him from a side, I try to move in front of him and when I'm about 1 or 2 meter from his side, I use jockey or :r2: tap to tackle.
      In fact, A player in jockey mode will tackle automatically when he sees the opportunity (according his defensive skills)

    • Use double pressure when he tries to build up from his own box.
      Force him to use the long ball. Than you can defend more agressive.
      Sometimes I try to lure them into a mistake as a last resort. While I build up around the box suddenly I play an opportunistic overpowered throughball through the centre. The AI will intercept, but he can't control it fast enough, the ball will jump away of his foot. At the same time I lay double pressure immediately after that throughpass so I create panic in the box and then try to steal the loose ball and score. It's a risk because you give possession away by purpose and there's always danger for a quick counter. But when nothing works and time is running out I take my chance to play that way.

    • Use double pressure on a lone winger along the flanks, but again, not too long.
      Just enough to bring him closer to the action. Sometimes when defending along the flanks, I move back and keep my distance while I move a second defender towards him via second pressure. When he's near I release the button and the second defender will switch to hold up play. At the same time, I move closer and I keep an eye for upcoming attackers in the center.

    • Don't use :r2: + :x: (hold-up play) too close to your own box and with lots of space around you. Especially against the fast agile players like eg. Robben. Hold-up play works best in the midfield and along the flanks, always combined with second pressure.

    • :r2: + :x: is not the Holy Grail, far from it!
      It's only usefull to hold-up average and weak teams. It's good to temporise the game a bit, but it's hardly usefull to steal the ball back. Strikers from good teams will pass you with ease when you use :r2: + :x: for too long. Hold-up play is an automatic feature and very predictable. The AI will thank you for using it.

    • This is probably the most important tip...
      With :r2: + :x: the distance between you and the ball is fixed.
      To maintain distance you better hold :r2: + leftstick towards your own goal.
      This way you can control the distance much better. When I have to defend against agile players I keep my distance (and use second pressure) so I have more time to anticipate when he makes a move. Just like in real football. Sometimes I dare him to make an action. I paddle back, I move closer but I don't tackle or I simply stand still for a second. Always trying to make the space as small as possible and covering the passing lanes.
      Holding :r2: + :x: and releasing :x: to move in for the tackle doesn't work that much against good agile attackers, so I don't use it.
      Only use it against them to hold them up for a short while, just enough to bring a second defender closer to the action with second pressure. Make the space around him small and when you don't go for the tackle, position yourself between him and a possible passreciever. Switch the tasks when necessary. Avoid rushing towards him, the only time you can rush is when he tries to build up from his own box.

    • The importance of the :r2: tap.
      The :r2: tap is very important in defence but also in attack.

      With :r2: you can:

      - tackle a ball
      - control a ball on the ground, in mid-air with foot or chest, to defend lofted throughpasses.
      - push a player to make him stumble (repeatable :r2: tap)
      - hook a player to make the small "professional" fouls,
      - re-position yourself for an air duel after a goalie kick off

      Also, when you intercept or block a hard pass, a well timed :r2: tap will make you control the ball much faster and closer. It avoids the ball to jump away from your foot. :r2: is your friend in many situations, but remember... I'm talking about tapping :r2: , not holding :r2: . You only hold :r2: to jockey and to slow dribble.

    • When running towards a loose ball you can't get, use super cancel ( :r1: + :r2: ) to reposition yourself and block the passing lanes. If possible use second pressure, but always with care. This will force the AI player to look out for other options (the long ball, passing back).
      Never run after a ball you can't get, use supercancel to avoid that.

    • Tap :r2: repeatedly when you are close behind and chasing an AI attacker, it could make him stumble if your player is stronger. (eg: when you defend a lofted throughball) Or you could foul him, but the main thing is that you can stop the flow of his attack.

    • But when you are faster than the attacker NEVER EVER run straight behind him, You will bump into his back and you can't use your speed in your advantage. Move away from him (use supercancel when you are on a rail) , gain speed and when you run along him tap :r2: to tackle, tap :r2: repeatedly or hold :Xx: to push him away from the ball.
      If you are really faster, run away from his path, pass him and get in front of him, use :r2: to tackle or hold :r2: to jockey to steal the ball.

    • Holding second pressure can help to intercept crosses and passes, You are in defending mode anyway, so second pressure does something, especially on low crosses and throughpasses. The same counts for :r2: + :Xx: btw, you can use :r2: + :x: to block crosses and passes, because :r2: + :x: moves your player between ball and pass reciever.
      But there is a difference between these two methods. With second pressure the player with sprint towards the incoming ball, so it's more agressive and vital for mistakes.
      With :r2: + :x: the player will run, so it's more containing.

    • Don't chase the ball with the same player for too long. Switch to the appropiate defender in that position. You will disorganise your defence and the AI will punish you for that.

    • A tip about defending indirect freekicks.
      What I do: I select the players who are positioned too deep and make them run back to open up the offside trap.
      You have to be fast with this action because your players will try to run back to their previous position once you deselect them. It's a risky business but it worked many times, especially against weaker teams. This trick works great when you play 2vsCPU matches btw

    • I usually set compactness in tactics narrower when I play against better teams than me This makes you quicker on the loose balls and second defenders are closer to the action. Also your players stamina bars will drop faster when compactness is too wide, especially against the better teams.

    • Put in a substitute defender when he's tired or out of form (blue or purple arrow). especially when you are ahead in the match.
      In general, don't be lazy and make substitutes!
      When his stamina bar colour's red, it's time to do so.
      Also for the real important matches, watch the form arrow of his marker. You can do that via the marking setting in gameplan. Switch until you see the form arrows for the opposite team in the gameplan. When his marker form is red, make sure you set a defender with the best form against him. (if possible offcourse)
      The difference between a blue and red form arrow is about 30% stats penalty or boost. That's quite a lot and it can make a big difference, especially in the second leg.
      Make your substitutes sooner than you think, because sometimes it could take a while before the ball is out of play. When you are really lazy use tactical assistance in the gameplan (substitutes), it's still better than doing nothing.

    • Think like a defender, positioning, vision, speedcontrol, patience and timing are crucial.

    • Don't play when you are too tired, defending requires you to be focused. More than attacking.

    • I experiment with other cameraviews, because the radar is not usefull for me. Personally, the blimp camera is too far for me, so I use MXsonic camerasettings tool to alter the settings between wide and blimp.
      I like this setting:

      Camera wide
      Camera height: 185
      Zoom (near side) ; 197
      Zoom (far side): 140
      Camera angle: 179
      Angle modulator: 63

      It makes precise tackling a bit harder in the beginning, but you will have a better overview of the situation. You will notice the deep runners much better, you will defend better on the loose balls and last but not least it's much better for attack aswell.

    Added tips by forum members:

    Sliding tackles are more precise when:

    • you press :r2: + :square: (stavrello7)
    • when you don't sprint while you tackle (Bitz).

    Alternative way to maintain distance during hold-up play. (stavrello7)

    • First you move your defender towards the ballcarrier
    • When you are in front of him, hold :r2: + :x: so your defender is locked in hold-up play mode.
    • Unlock yourself and paddle back in small steps while holding :r2: to maintain the distance you want.
    • When he makes a move tap :r2: to tackle.
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  2. katata

    katata Premiership

    11 January 2003
    Great tips blanco
    I am trying to get the grip of it

  3. Blanco

    Blanco Championship

    31 October 2005
    Thanks :)

    I hope the tips will help you, it's easier to explain than to use them though, but I know for sure it helped me.
    The difficulty is to find the right balance between close pressure and second pressure and good use of super cancel. Don't run a yard too much.
    Last edited: 5 April 2012
  4. mario88

    mario88 Championship

    22 January 2007
    Barranquilla, Colombia
    Real Madrid
  5. vivek1412

    vivek1412 League 2

    2 December 2007
    brilliant tips... and so many of them... thanks mate!
  6. Jimmy G-Force

    Jimmy G-Force Resident PES Fanman

    13 April 2003
    Middlesbrough F.C.
    A truly incredible tutorial that nails the art of defending brilliantly. Very well written and precise. Great stuff Blanco. :TU:
  7. Blanco

    Blanco Championship

    31 October 2005

    As I said in my opening post the style I use to defend is not an exact science and more based on personal findings.

    Today I've found a very indepth defence tutorial with pictures of situations on the internet by some other guy. I read it and he uses different methods, he uses R2+X and only X quite a lot .
    I tried these methods in the past, but it didn't work out the way I like to play. I rather move my player myself with leftstick to close down the large amounts of space, instead of holding the X button.
    It fits me more I think.

    Also very interesting nevertheless...
    here it is:

    Btw, that same guy wrote a huge tutorial about attacking in PES2012.
    He calls it "16 laws of attack" and you can find it here:
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  8. bitz

    bitz statsmaker

    5 May 2006
    Another tip can't remember if it's already been mentioned - when you want to slide tackle try releasing the sprint button just before the slide; the tackle will be more accurate and the chances you get booked will be less.
  9. Blanco

    Blanco Championship

    31 October 2005
    I didn't knew that one, I'm gonna think about it next time I play. Thx :))
  10. stavrello7

    stavrello7 ex-pesedit

    3 May 2009
    Mytilene, Greece
    AEK Athens, Liverpool
    Also if you hold up play using R2+X you can press R2+O to tackle with more accuracy and you can get the ball if you have a player beside.
    just close down opponent with R2+X closely at his strong foot.
    and when he is going to dribble you hold only R2
  11. Blanco

    Blanco Championship

    31 October 2005
    Hmmm, i think I don't understand your tip...

    First I have to inform you that I switch the :circle: and :square: buttons
    I shoot with :circle: button and I give crosses/do sliding tackles with the :square: button

    I suppose you don't do that,
    so R2+:circle: (in my case R2+:square:) let my player slide tackle.

    I don't say your tip isn't true, I just don't understand what you mean.
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  12. stavrello7

    stavrello7 ex-pesedit

    3 May 2009
    Mytilene, Greece
    AEK Athens, Liverpool
    for me Shoot is :square: and sliding is :circle:

    :r2: with slide more accurate sliding

    :r2: + pressure to "lock" closest position, then use only :r2: for small back steps and finally let your defender steal the ball!
  13. Blanco

    Blanco Championship

    31 October 2005
    ok, thanks

    I seems the R2 with slide tackle is more precise indeed, but it could also have something to do with Bitz his comment.

    Your second method is a different approach.
    First, you lock the attacker with R2+X and then unlock again and paddle back in small steps.
    I do use this method sometimes, but only when he has no passing options.

    Most attackers try to dribble you with a left or right speedburst. But that speedburst has a short distance where the ball rolls free, let's say about 3 meters, it depends on the player and whether he's sprinting, running or dribbling.
    So I jockey 2.5-3m away from the attacker and when he makes a move I use R2 to tackle.
    Good attackers try to lure you into a tackle by using upperbody feints & stepovers, so they are harder to predict.
  14. Blanco

    Blanco Championship

    31 October 2005
    More tips were added in the beginpost.
  15. woofbag

    woofbag Non-League

    20 May 2012
    great tips
  16. woofbag

    woofbag Non-League

    20 May 2012
    very helpfull

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